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QBE was developed at IBM and is therefore an IBM trademark, but a number of other companies also deal with query interfaces like QBE. Some systems, such as Microsoft Access, have been influenced by QBE and have partial support for form-based queries. Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard relational database query language. In the 1970s, a group at IBM s San Jose Research Center (now the Almaden Research Center) developed a database system named System R based on Codd s model. To manipulate and retrieve data stored in System R, a language called Structured English Query Language (SEQUEL) was designed. Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce at IBM were the authors of the SEQUEL language design. The acronym SEQUEL was later condensed to SQL. SQL was adopted as a standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1986 and then ratified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1987; this SQL standard was published as SQL 86, also known as SQL 1. Since then, the SQL standards have gone through many revisions. After SQL 86, there was SQL 89 (which included a minor revision); SQL 92, also known as SQL 2 (which was a major revision); and then SQL 99, also known as SQL 3 (which added object-oriented features that together represent the origination of the concept of ORDBMSs, or object relational database management systems). Each database vendor offers its own implementation of SQL that conforms at some level to the standard but typically extends it. T-SQL does just that, and some of the SQL used in this book may not work if you try it with a database server other than SQL Server.
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Visual Studio will then create a special type of class called a proxy. This is simply a local representation of the remote service, allowing you to call methods as if they were implemented on your local computer. However, under the covers, ASP.NET will forward all of the proxy method calls to the remote service for execution. If Visual Studio interprets the file successfully, you will see a list of available methods (GetStockQuotes in the example in Figure 2-14). You can then create a name for the web reference and add the reference to your project. At this point in your project, you can create an instance of the web reference proxy class and call the method on it to get data back from the web service. In fact, let s do that now so that we can call a remote web service to obtain stock quotes for our example. Right-click the project name and select Add Web Reference. When the Add Web Reference dialog box appears, type soap/urn:xmethods-delayed-quotes.wsdl into the URL field and click Go. We ll be using a service provided by XMethods ( that reports delayed stock quotes given a stock ticker symbol. You can see this in Figure 2-14. After clicking Go, Visual Studio contacts XMethods, downloads the WSDL, and displays the available methods it finds for you to review. Note the value in the Web reference name field (, which will ultimately form the namespace of the proxy class you ll be using. Change the value you find there to QS for quote service, and then click Add Reference. At this point,
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Interface Name Collisions
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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) developed XML in 1996. Intended to support a wide variety of applications, XML was used by the W3C to create eXtensible HTML (XHTML), an XML vocabulary. Since 1996, the W3C has developed a variety of other XML-oriented technologies, including eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), which provides the same kind of facility for XHTML that Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) does for HTML, and XSL Transformations (XSLT), which is a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents.
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editing the preference manifest for domain When you create a new key, the Always target provides three different keys to choose from:
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of its native apps to check for CHAPI registration and add all matches it finds. Figure 8-6 shows what this looks like on the Storm.
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submit button). To see the postback and how it contains information for all events, add an ASP .NET button to the form, run it, select a list item, and then click the button. You ll see that your breakpoint on the ListBox s SelectedIndexChanged handler still trips, even though your action was to click the form s submit button. (Note that if you provided a handler for the submit button, that handler code would also be executed.) This demonstrates that ASP.NET passed the event information for everything on the page when you triggered the postback. The information for the list selection changed got passed along, too, and when the server received the postback, it triggered the event. Alternatively, you can use the automatic postback feature that the ASP.NET ListBox provides you with by setting the ListBox.AutoPostBack property to true. You can do this with the Property Editor or simply by adding the AutoPostBack='True' attribute to the <asp:ListBox> declaration. Remove the button from the page and try running the application again with the AutoPostBack='True' attribute present in the list box s markup. Now whenever you select an item on the list box, the page triggers a postback, and the SelectedIndexChanged event fires. Right now, this just loads the text of the selection into a dummy string. In your application, you could use this to give feedback to the user, or you could determine its index to for example enter selection data into a database. Thus, when using ASP .NET, you have a number of options for how and when events are handled by the framework, and you can design your UI accordingly.
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