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With ARD, it is possible to configure authentication for a user existing in a network directory service. There are a couple of different approaches for this. First, you must enable directory authentication client side. This can be done graphically in the ARD application. Next, you will want to be able to manage the target clients in ARD with a local user. Once this is setup, select the target clients in a list or scanner and select the menu item Change Client Settings, found under the Manage menu. From here, you
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cause ExtremeZ-IP to search only the domain specified.
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11. Adding id properties or renaming id property names should be done on a need to need basis.
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Note Recall the Quoted Identifier option that we encountered in 2, with the T-SQL command SET
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This is how you use CardSpace on a page by declaring an object of type
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Up until now, you ve seen various features of SQL Server that provide a strong integration between relational and XML data. But that s not all. This section gives the next installment of the XML features of SQL Server: the XML data type. Prior to SQL Server 2005, storing XML data in a table essentially meant that you had to use a VARCHAR or TEXT column for the data. From the point of view of storage, this was fine; but from a data-manipulation point of view, it was tedious. The XML data was treated just like any other text data. The new XML data type introduced in SQL Server 2005 is exclusively for storing XML documents and fragments.
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But we ve saved the best for last. Linux is more than a computer operating system. It s an entire community of users spread across the globe. When you start to use Linux, you become part of this community (whether you like it or not!). One of the benefits of membership is that you re never far from finding a solution to a problem. The community likes to congregate online around forums and newsgroups, which you can join in order to find help. Your placement in the ranks of the community is newbie. This is a popular way of describing someone who is new to Linux. Although this sounds derisory, it will actually help when you talk to others. Advertising your newbie status will encourage people to take the time to help you. After all, they were newbies once upon a time! There s another reason not to be disheartened by your newbie tag: you ll outgrow it very quickly. By the time you reach the end of this book, you ll have advanced to the other end of the spectrum guru. You ll be one of those giving out the advice to those poor, clueless newbies, and you ll be 100 percent confident in your skills.
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As mentioned before, since the cross-domain policy requires that the calls originate from you need to use a proxy to access Twitter. You will be using a PHP proxy. To do this, you first need to download the Twitter Flex library created by Austin Marshall ( twitter/). After downloading the Twitter library, create a new Flex project and call it TwitterFlexExample and add the ActionScript source for the library you previously downloaded to it. You then need to modify the endpoint.php script with your login and password:
Tap Add Mail Account. At the New Account screen, enter the full name of the user whose email you are configuring in the Name field. This will represent the name shown in the From field when sending emails. After specifying a full name, enter the user s email address in the Address field. Next, enter the Password and a short description of the account into the Password and Description fields respectively, as shown in Figure 10-4. Click Save when you are finished entering the settings into the device.
The Group Details block is the control panel for a group. It is visible on a group s homepage. You can add content, manage subscribers, create albums, manage e-mail subscriptions, and perform other group-related tasks from the Group Details block. For example, you can arrange to receive e-mail notification whenever something gets posted to a group of which you are a member. In the Group Details block (see Figure 4-18), click the my subscription link to see and set the status of your e-mail subscription.
package com.apress.timesheets.service; import import import import static static static static org.easymock.EasyMock.createMock; org.easymock.EasyMock.expect; org.easymock.EasyMock.replay; org.easymock.EasyMock.verify;
An Overview of the Installation Process
A key feature of F# is the automatic generalization of code. The combination of automatic generalization and type inference makes many programs simpler, more succinct, and more general. It also greatly enhances code reuse. Languages without automatic generalization force programmers to compute and explicitly write down the most general type of their functions, and often this is so tedious that programmers don t take the time to abstract common patterns of data manipulation and control. For example, type parameters are automatically introduced when you write simple functions that are independent of some of their arguments: let getFirst (a,b,c) = a The inferred type of getFirst is reported as follows: val getFirst: 'a * 'b * 'c -> 'a Here, getFirst has been automatically inferred to be generic. The function is generic in three type variables, where the result type is the first element of the input tuple type. Automatic generalization is
Back in 8, you learned how to create new forums and set basic permissions on them using the Simple Mode of the permissions screen. While the permission presets cover the most common usages, chances are you will want to delve into the more advanced options phpBB offers. The first step is to become acquainted with the permissions system s Advanced Mode, illustrated in Figure 10-5.
Here, you use the function getStats with three web pages: > let sites = [ "";"";"" ];; val sites : string list > sites |> getStats;; val it : (string * int * int * int) list = [("", 7728, 1156, 10); ("", 2685, 496, 14); ("", 10715, 1771, 38)] The function getStats computes the length of the HTML for the given web site, the number of words in the text of that HTML, and the approximate number of links on that page. The previous code sample extensively uses the |> operator to pipeline operations, discussed in the Pipelining with |> sidebar. The F# library design ensures that a common, consistent set of aggregate operations is defined for each structured type. Table 3-11 shows how the same design patterns occur for the map abstraction. Table 3-11. A Recurring Aggregate Operator Design Pattern from the F# Library
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