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So far you ve seen the connection events. ADO.NET supports a wide variety of other events for the purpose of aiding in data validation. For example, a data adapter serves as a bridge between a dataset and a database. When the data adapter is ready to update the changes in the dataset, it raises predefined events. You can code handlers for these events to find more information about the status of the update. Table 15-1 lists some of the common events raised when data is manipulated in ADO.NET objects. The table presents the object that raises the event, the event name, the name of the delegate, and the EventArgs object received by the event handler. The object received by the event handler itself has several properties you can use to take appropriate action.
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The first method for avoiding having to enter a value is to set a column or a set of columns with a default value. We set up the CustomerDetails.Customers table to have a default value when creating the tables in 5. Default values are used when a large number of INSERTs for a column would have the same value entered each time. Why have the overhead of passing this information, which would be the column name plus the value, through to SQL Server, when SQL Server can perform the task quickly and simply for you Network traffic would be reduced and accuracy ensured as the column information would be completed directly by SQL Server. Although it has been indicated that default values are best for a large number of INSERTs, it can also be argued that this need not be the case. Some people feel that all that is required is a significant number of rows to be affected from a default value setting for the use of default values to be an advantage. It does come down to personal preference as to when you think setting a default value will be of benefit. However, if there are times when you wish a column to have an initial value when a row is inserted with a specific value, then it is best to use a default value. The example in next section, where we build up our next set of INSERT statements, I will demonstrate how a default value will populate specific columns. When creating the CustomerDetails.Customers table, we created a column that is set up to be populated with a default value: the DateAdded column. In this column, we call a SQL Server reserved function, GETDATE(). This function gets the date and time from the operating system and returns it to SQL Server. By having this within a column default value, it is then inserted into a record when a row is added.
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Figure 3 6. RAID 1+0 mirroring a striped set of drives
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Ping Poll Search Statistics Watchdog
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Display details of recent logins, reboots, and shutdowns Display system files (libraries) required by specified program Interactively scroll through a text file -q: Quiet; disable beeps when end of file is reached or other error encountered -i: Ignore case; make all searches case-insensitive unless uppercase letters are used
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Here you can choose the appropriate items that correspond with the setup of your Open Directory master using the Security Policy section of the screen (see Figure 16 13). Previously, in the Securing Open Directory Using Binding Policies section of this chapter, we discussed the settings on the server side, so you will want to match these as closely as possible on the client side.
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Version Effects
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In Depth: Evolution
7: In-Depth .NET Remoting
the information lost since the last backup.
Installing ClamXav 2.0.4 on Mac OS X is fairly straightforward: 1. 2. Download the installer from Allan s web site at When the download is complete, double-click to open the disk image. Drag the icon from this window to the Applications folder. (See Figure 8 2.)
Although you will be making changes to the view controller object to handle the new I/O, first let s add your new game controller object. So, create a new NSObject class in Xcode, both the interface (.h) and the implementation (.m) and name it GameController.
Input Name
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