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Now, download a standalone email client or open an existing one. Create a new account and set both the POP3 and SMTP server addresses to localhost . This directs the email client to access your local machine instead of an external mail server. Consult your email client s documentation to learn how to add an account. Figure 4-12 depicts adding an account using Windows Live Mail.
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Assigns an array of template variables for use in your page. These variables are, in turn, inserted in your templates and display content onscreen. Similar to assign_vars(), except this function is used in loops (such as in the Forum Index, View Topic, and View Forum pages, to name a few). Takes an array of filenames and associated identifiers that represent the files that make up the template. Parses the template file associated with the identifier that is passed in to HTML. This helps to produce the final output.
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Task 4: Test the Solution
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In this section, you will learn how to create a Windows Forms based application by using Visual Studio. To create a Windows Forms based application, you need to create a project of type Windows Application. To begin creating such a project, click File New Project from the main menu. This opens the New Project dialog box, shown in Figure 1-10. In the Project Types section, select Visual C#. This will display all the project templates applicable to the C# language. Now, choose Windows Forms Application from the templates. Type HelloWindowsWorld for the project name. Also, choose an appropriate location from your disk to store the project files. If you wish, you can also specify a solution name for the Visual Studio solution file. Finally, click the OK button to create the project. Your Visual Studio IDE should resemble Figure 1-11.
If you ve chosen to dual-boot Ubuntu with Windows on the same hard disk, Ubuntu will attempt to make your Windows partitions available automatically.
If a Flex application is served over HTTPS, it can make HTTP and HTTPS requests without making any special provisions. However, if the Flex application is served over HTTP and it needs to make HTTPS requests, a few extra configurations are required. A security policy needs to be defined so that you don t violate the Flash Player security sandbox model, which restricts HTTPS requests over HTTP without such a security policy definition. Cross-domain security is defined in a file named crossdomain.xml. Here s the simplest example of a crossdomain.xml file:
In addition to mount_afp, you can use the mnthome command to mount an AFP home folder from a command-line session. However, this requires the configuration of a home directory automount, as described in 7.
<% set objHttp = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP") strURL = Request("url")" "GET", strURL, False objHttp.Send If objHttp.status = 200 Then Response.Expires = 90 Response.ContentType = Request("mimeType") Response.BinaryWrite objHttp.responseBody set objHttp = Nothing End If %>
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