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1. In this example, we will insert a new TransactionDetails.Transactions row and insert an image into the Notes column. This image could be from a document scanner of the share purchase made, a copy of the written check from the bank account, or even a copy of the credit card receipt. As security is the byword in SQL Server, we won t be showing this, and I will use a picture found on my computer. 2. Enter the following code noting that we have a column alias of PhotoToLoad that is defined from the BULK operation and then used in the SELECT: INSERT INTO TransactionDetails.Transactions (CustomerId, TransactionType, DateEntered,Amount,Notes, RelatedProductId) SELECT 2, 1, GETDATE(),1000,PhotoToLoad.*, 1 FROM OPENROWSET (BULK 'd:\photo.tif', SINGLE_BLOB) PhotoToLoad 3. When you execute this code, you should see the following results:
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trading partner configuration, on the other hand, allows for the development of EDI solutions that could not be done before. This solution outlines how to create a trading partner in BizTalk Server.
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Hiding Abstract Syntax Implementations with Active Patterns
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Figure 6-13. Steps to add a new Windows Forms project If you look at the solution now, you ll find the two projects: the web service and the project we just added. Let me ask you this: if you build and run the solution, which project will run The web service will run, as it is the default startup project. What if we want the newly added Windows Forms project to run Well, that s easy; we need to set our Windows Forms client as the startup project. You can set the startup project by right-clicking the WinFormClient project and selecting Set as Startup Project . Now, if you run the build, the Windows Forms project will run first.
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Listing 13-11. Hiding a Mailbox and Supporting a Fetch Method /// The internal type of messages for the agent type internal msg = Increment of int | Fetch of AsyncReplyChannel<int> | Stop type CountingAgent() = let counter = MailboxProcessor.Start(fun inbox -> // The states of the message-processing state machine... let rec loop n = async { let! msg = inbox.Receive() match msg with | Increment m -> // increment and continue... return! loop(n+m) | Stop -> // exit return () | Fetch replyChannel -> // post response to reply channel and continue do replyChannel.Reply n return! loop n } // The initial state of the message-processing state machine... loop(0)) member a.Increment(n) = counter.Post(Increment n) member a.Stop() = counter.Post Stop member a.Fetch() = counter.PostAndReply(fun replyChannel -> Fetch replyChannel) The inferred public types indicate how the presence of a concurrent agent is successfully hidden by the use of an object: type CountingAgent = new : unit -> CountingAgent member Fetch : unit -> int member Increment : n:int -> unit member Stop : unit -> unit Here, you can see an instance of this object in action: > let counter = new CountingAgent();; val counter : CountingAgent > counter.Increment(1);; val it : unit = () > counter.Fetch();; val it : int = 1 > counter.Increment(2);; val it : unit = ()
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Figure 1-12. Configuring a Windows service to interact with the desktop10 Windows services comprise an executable, zero or more dependent assemblies, resources, and a configuration file. The executable contains service-level event methods (for example, OnStart), which are fired when a service is started, stopped, and so on, through the SCM (see Figure 1-13).11
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other server on your PC.
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ClickOnce Updates, Security, and the Bootstrapper
Let s create two data models: one is using the MXML tag and the other one as a VO.
12. Should all go according to plan, you ll have a new web site created within your solution. This site will contain the compiled workflow (CToFService.dll) and a web service that invokes it called CTOFService.Workflow1_WebService.asmx. Right-click this service and click View in Browser. The browser will launch and show the standard Web Services test harness (see Figure 9-19).
The AirPort Express
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