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[MessageBodyMember] public bool Reserved { get { return _Reserved; } set { _Reserved = value; } } [MessageBodyMember] public Branch Provider { get { return _Provider; } set { _Provider = value; } } [MessageBodyMember] public Guid RequestID { get { return _RequestID; } set { _RequestID = value; } } #endregion Public Properties } The ReservationResponse class includes a Boolean member (Reserved) that indicates whether the book was available to be reserved. It also contains a Branch class that represents the branch that fulfilled the request.
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If you are developing business or productivity apps that mainly involve text entry, you may be able to ignore the keyboard issue altogether. The native BlackBerry text entry fields are well integrated with keyboard behavior, automatically handling QWERTY or SureType keys, so no extra effort is necessary on your part. However, if you are developing a game or have a highly customized nonBlackBerry user interface, keyboards are much more likely to be an issue. For example, you might control a game by pressing four buttons, but those four buttons might not exist on all devices. You can use the methods described in this section to dynamically query the phone and determine what the keyboard layout is like, and then make an appropriate decision about how to handle incoming key events. Setting up such a system can take some effort, but in the long run it will be much more efficient than creating a new version of your app for every keyboard type. If you support touch-screen devices, carefully consider the user experience. If you write a game that is entirely touch-based, you might want to forcibly hide the keyboard so the full screen is always available for play. If your game supports a high-score name entry, you might want to show the keyboard on that screen while hiding it everywhere else.
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Any value of type seq<type> can be iterated and transformed using functions in the Microsoft.FSharp.Collections.Seq module. For example: > let range = seq {0 .. 10};; val range : seq<int> > range |> (fun i -> (i,i*i));; val it : seq<int * int> = seq [ (0, 0); (1, 1); (2, 4); (3, 9) ... ] Table 3-13 shows some important functions in this library module. The following operators necessarily evaluate all the elements of the input seq immediately: Seq.iter: This iterates all elements, applying a function to each one. Seq.toList: This iterates all elements, building a new list. Seq.toArray: This iterates all elements, building a new array.
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If you have several bitmap indexes on a table, then Oracle is capable of using as many of them as is necessary to make the query run efficiently, but won t necessarily use all the ones that appear to be relevant. This leads to an important question: when does Oracle decide that there is no point in using one more bitmap index The answer is (approximately, and ignoring the effect of bugs) when the cost of scanning one more set of leaf blocks is larger than the reduction in the number of table blocks that will be hit. For example, assume you have a table that lists six attributes for people: sex (2 values), color of eyes (3 values), color of hair (7 values), home town (31 values), age band (47 values), and work classification (79 values). Now consider the test case in script bitmap_cost_03.sql in the online code suite, which builds a table of 800MB (107,543 blocks) holding details of 36 million people, with a query for rows where and and and and and sex_code = 1 eye_code = 1 hair_code = 1 town_code = 15 age_code = 25 work_code = 40
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Figure 2-17. User-created Task List
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Figure 18 6. Beginning of the Loading Images timeline animation Once the images load in the WebBrowser control, you will stop the animation by calling the Stop method of the loadingImages animation. To accomplish this, you will use Rx.NET to subscribe to the web browser s Navigated event. Once this subscription receives data, you will stop the animation. The following code accomplishes these tasks.
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Figure 10-8. Group permissions, in Simple Mode
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Upon next login, users proceed to successfully open previously restricted applications. Between System Profiler, its command-line equivalent system_profiler, and mcxquery, you have some decent tools to troubleshoot an MCX environment. Each tool has their own benefits: mcxquery is highly accessible and can be utilized to test basic policy application changes, but will not always give the whole picture due to its failure to perform group lookups on specified users. System Profiler on the other hand displays the final absolute settings, but must be run from within the managed environment, limiting its usefulness outside of a troubleshooting environment.
The first section of the 10053 trace file output lists the actual values used by the optimizer as a result of bind variable peeking. (The sample section that follows is a fake to demonstrate the format, as my query didn t use any bind variables.) It is unfortunate that the names of the bind variables are not given here, only their position. You just have to count your way through the statement to match variables with their values. ******************************************* Peeked values of the binds in SQL statement ******************************************* bind 0:dty=2 mxl=22(22) mal=00 scl=00 pre=00 oacflg=03 oacfl2=0000 size=48 offset=0 bfp=065ddc30 bln=22 avl=02 flg=05 value=100 bind 1:dty=2 mxl=22(22) mal=00 scl=00 pre=00 oacflg=03 oacfl2=0000 size=0 offset=24 bfp=065ddc48 bln=22 avl=03 flg=01 value=150 bind 3:dty=2 mxl=22(22) mal=00 scl=00 pre=00 oacflg=03 oacfl2=0000 size=0 offset=48 No bind buffers allocated
Drupal includes four themes in its core distribution. As the administrator, you can decide which theme to use as a default for the site. Select administer themes (admin/themes) to see a list of all the available themes. Changing the theme selected as the default and saving the configuration will change the look of your site. Try it out! You can test each of the available themes and decide which theme suits your needs best. If more than one theme is enabled, registered users will have the choice of which theme they would like to use when visiting your site. They can make this choice from their user account page. A possible application of this feature might include making different versions of your site available for different needs: low-bandwidth version, text-only version, Flash version, and so on. It is also quite handy if you are a web designer and want to show your client how a site might look with different designs and styles.
Xfix Try to fix X server: This option replaces the current keyboard, screen, mouse, and graphics configuration with the information it has gathered through autodetection. Refer to the Graphical Problems section in 6 for information about troubleshooting X server-related issues When you update your system software, you might find new entries are added to the boot menu list. This is because the kernel has been updated. The kernel is the central system file that Ubuntu relies upon, and essentially, the boot menu exists to let you choose between different kernels. Without exception, the topmost entry is the one you ll want each time to boot Ubuntu, because this will always use the most recent version of the kernel, along with the latest versions of other system software. The entries beneath this will start the system with older versions of the kernel and are provided in the unlikely situation that the latest kernel causes problems.
(allow process-exec (literal "/Applications/"))
Figure 2-11. Select a Directory Domain to add.
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