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Step 1: Creating the Data Table
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using System.ServiceProcess; using System.ComponentModel; using WindowsService; [RunInstallerAttribute(true)] public class MyProjectInstaller: Installer { private ServiceInstaller serviceInstaller; private ServiceProcessInstaller processInstaller; public MyProjectInstaller() { processInstaller = new ServiceProcessInstaller(); serviceInstaller = new ServiceInstaller(); processInstaller.Account = ServiceAccount.LocalSystem; serviceInstaller.StartType = ServiceStartMode.Automatic; serviceInstaller.ServiceName = DummyService.SVC_NAME; Installers.Add(serviceInstaller); Installers.Add(processInstaller); } } The installer has to be in your main assembly and has to have [RunInstallerAttribute(true)] set. After compiling the preceding C# files, you will have created a baseline Windows service that can be installed with installutil.exe. When porting the remoting server to become a Windows service, you might want to extend the base service to also allow it to write to the Windows event log. Therefore, you have to add a static variable of type EventLog to hold an instance acquired during void Main(). As an alternative, you could also set the AutoLog property of the service and use the static method EventLog.WriteEntry(). You will also have to extend onStart() to configure remoting to allow the handling of requests as specified in the configuration file. The complete source code for the Windows service based remoting server is shown in Listing 4-11. Listing 4-11. A Simple Windows Service to Host Your Remote Components using using using using System; System.Diagnostics; System.ServiceProcess; System.Runtime.Remoting;
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Imports System.Data.SqlClient Module Module1 '<Table(Name:="Customers")> _ 'Public Class Customers ' <Column(Id:=True)> _ ' Public customerId As String ' <Column()> _ ' Public companyName As String ' <Column()> _ ' Public city As String ' <Column()> _ ' Public country As String 'End Class Sub Main(ByVal args As String()) ' Connection string Dim connString As String = _ "server = .\sqlexpress;" _ & "integrated security = true;" _ & "database = northwind" ' Create connection Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(connString) ' Create dataset Dim ds As TypedCustomers = New TypedCustomers() ' Create data adapter Dim da As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter( _ "select " _ & " * " _ & "from " _ & " customers " _ , conn)
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In the previous example, you saw how to extract data from a dataset. However, if you re working with datasets, chances are that you re going to want to do more with the data than merely display it. Often, you ll want to dynamically filter or sort the data. In the following example, you ll see how you can use data rows to do this.
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One of Drupal s hottest features is its outstanding support for classification of content through the application of categories. Categories are sometimes referred to as taxonomies, a slightly more technical term that means basically the same thing. You need to have the Taxonomy module enabled in order to use categories.
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roles and permissions, rather than levels.
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8 4. Creating and Configuring a Trading Partner
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As with hash joins, there are three levels of efficiency with sorting optimal, onepass, and multipass.
If you want, you can make the inferred types explicit by using an explicit signature type for each implementation file. The syntax used for explicit signature types is identical to the inferred types reported by F# Interactive or fsc.exe, like those shown previously. If you use explicit signatures, they re placed in a signature file, and they list the names and types of all values and members that are accessible in some way to the outside world. Signature files should use the same root name as the matching implementation file with the extension .fsi. For example, Listing 7-12 shows the implementation file vector.fs and the explicit signature file vector.fsi.
currentPic--; ShowPic(currentPic); } function DoNext() { currentPic++; ShowPic(currentPic); } </script> </head> <body onload="initAJAX();"> <div id="pic"><img src="GetPicture.aspx picid=100" alt="not present" /></div> <input type="button" value="<<" id="btnPrev" onclick="DoPrev();" /> <input type="button" value=">>" id="btnNext" onclick="DoNext();" />
Uploading phpBB to Your Server
<para>text</para> <param>description</param> <paramref name="name"> <permission cref="member"> <remarks>description</remarks> <returns>description</returns> <see cref="member"> <seealso cref="member"> <summary>text</summary> <value>description</value>
Binding orchestrations to physical ports is the activity that enables defined processes (orchestration) to be associated with physical connectivity and communication, such as file, HTTPS, or web/WCF service. BizTalk enables two methods of binding orchestrations. You can choose to specify the binding immediately within the BizTalk Orchestration Designer (by choosing the Specify Now option during the port binding process) or later using the BizTalk Administration Console (by choosing Specify Later). When you choose Specify Later, this indicates that binding information will not be determined at design time. This recipe demonstrates using the Specify Later option. 1. 2. 3. Deploy an orchestration, and choose the Specify Later method during the port binding process. Open the BizTalk Administration Console and under the Orchestrations tree, locate your orchestration. Right-click the orchestration, and select the Bind option. The Port Bindings Properties dialog box will appear, as shown in Figure 5 16.
Creating a New User
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