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Here you will be using the Linq to Object technique to query the Notes property to check if noteName exists. If the note exists, UpdateNote will be called, otherwise AddNote will be called. The AddUser method will make a service call to add the user. DeleteNote will call the DeleteNote service. public void SaveNote(string noteName, string noteText) { // Search the user notes and see if the note already exist var note = (from eachNote in this.Notes where eachNote.NoteText.Equals(noteText, StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase) select eachNote).SingleOrDefault(); if (note == null) { _svc.AddNoteAsync(this.UserId, noteName, noteText); } else { _svc.UpdateNoteAsync(note.NoteId, noteText); } this.SelectedNote = note; } public void AddUser(Guid userId, string userName) { if (this.NeedUserId) { _svc.AddUserAsync(userId, userName); } } public void DeleteNote() { _svc.DeleteNoteAsync(this.UserId, this.SelectedNote.NoteId); }
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s Input parameters can also be assigned default values. Tip
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Let s see how to make OPENXML correctly handle the element-centric XML document.
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If the program complies without any errors, Visual Studio will generate CustomerEmail.exe based on your build choice (debug or release). See Figure 7-13 for the location of the generated console application executable.
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Preferences Example
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For the first If activity, enter the following code: DisplayName = "Adjust for PM",
Figure 12-11. The CR Text object and Page Number special field
this to the correct path of the XML file on your local drive.
As stated, a property is a simple key/value pair. Let s examine another property definition from the MSBuild.csproj file: <RootNamespace>MSBuild1</RootNamespace>. This property is defined in the first PropertyGroup element. If you needed to reference this property somewhere else in the MSBuild file, you would simply use the $() notation. For instance, you would use $(RootNamespace). Refer to the property declaration again: <PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(Configuration) |$(Platform)' == 'Debug|AnyCPU' ">. Notice the Condition attribute; every MSBuild element has an optional Condition attribute. If this condition evaluates to true, then the element is processed; otherwise, it is ignored. Table 2-1 summarizes the basic condition syntax. Table 2-1. Property Conditions
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