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CHAPTER 3: Securing User Accounts
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Throughout this chapter we have discussed securing your file shares. While many of the security mechanisms that have been put in place by Apple will help, such as the LKDC and various encryption protocols, but they will not be effective if your password is not secure. They can also be easily circumvented if you do not have good password policies, such as requiring a password to be changed at certain intervals (see 16 for more on password policies). Therefore, the most important aspect of securing your files over file shares is to practice good password security. In 14, we will turn our attention to perhaps the most popular way to access data today, web servers.
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IEnumerable<Lead> q = dc.Leads .Where<Lead>(x => x.Status == "Open" || x.Status == "Assigned"); foreach (Lead l in q) { AddNewLead(l); } } private void SetupInstance(WorkflowApplication i) { // Setup the instance store i.InstanceStore = _instanceStore; // Setup the PersistableIdle event handler i.PersistableIdle = (waiea) => PersistableIdleAction.Unload; // Setup the connection string i.Extensions.Add(_dbExtension); // Display the accumulated comments i.Completed = (wacea) => { // Get the CommentExtension IEnumerable<CommentExtension> q = wacea.GetInstanceExtensions<CommentExtension>(); // Add the comments to the event log if (q.Count() > 0) { string comments = "Comments: \r\n" + q.First<CommentExtension>().Comments; this.lstEvents.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke (new Action(() => this.lstEvents.Items.Add(comments))); } this.lstEvents.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke (new Action(() => this.lstEvents.Items.Add ("\r\nThe workflow has completed"))); }; // Display any unhandled exceptions i.OnUnhandledException = (waueea) => { this.lstEvents.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(new Action(() => this.lstEvents.Items.Add(waueea.UnhandledException.Message))); return UnhandledExceptionAction.Terminate; }; // Display an error when an instance is aborted i.Aborted = (waaea) => {
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In the next wizard (not shown), click the New Remote Site button and then enter the details exactly as shown in Figure A-3.
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Working with Site Maps
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Data-Related Elements
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Starts the process on a separate thread asynchronously. Called from the main thread. Sets the CancellationPending flag of the background task. Called from the main thread. Set to true by raising CancelAsync. Used by the worker thread. Set to true if the worker can support progress updates. Used by the main thread. Set to true if the worker can support cancellation of the current task in progress. Used by the main thread. Indicates the progress of the operation. Used by the worker thread. Fires in response to a call to RunWorkerAsync. Invoked on the worker thread. Fires when the background operation is canceled, when the operation is completed, or when an exception is thrown. Invoked on the main thread. Fires whenever the ReportProgress property is set. Invoked on the main thread.
When a query has more than a plain true or false answer in other words, when there are several potential answers you should use the CASE statement. A CASE statement forms a decision-making process within a SELECT or UPDATE statement. It is possible to set a value for a column within a recordset based on a CASE statement and the resultant value. Obviously, with this knowledge, a CASE statement cannot form part of a DELETE statement.
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