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This format is not quite as simple as that of version 0.9 but does contain some compensatory features. The version of RSS is specified in this version, making it a little easier to keep track of what data is incoming:
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Adding Controls to the Form Manually
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The four scripts basically do the same thing. Where I have enabled CPU costing, I have used the following set of figures to emulate the arithmetic that the traditional I/O costing would do:
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Creating the Header Table
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NOTE: If you change the password as a non-administrative user, you need to enter the actual user s password to do so.
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(regex "^(/usr) /(s) bin/.*") (subpath "/tmp/SandboxedApps") )
Building the Main Page and Adding Components
command-line prompt (don t worry; your GUI is still there and running in the background). You ll be asked to enter your username and your password. Any programs you run in a virtual console won t affect the rest of the system, unless they re system commands. (As discussed in 16, one way to rescue a crashed GUI program is to switch to a virtual console and attempt to terminate the program from there.) You can switch back to the GUI by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F7. Don t forget to quit your virtual console when you re finished with it, by typing exit.
Figure 1-2. System configuration tool with warning You are then required to enter your registration information, as shown in Figure 1-3.
the POSIX permissions and determine that you don t have access to an asset when you really do. However, most software will attempt to read/write an asset and will only report errors when encountered (as it should). Also, for cases such as this, ACL inheritance IS honored. For instance, an ACE on a folder ensuring that all created subfiles have write permissions will in fact appropriately apply the inherited entry to files uploaded via FTP or created via an NFS mount. You won t be able to view the ACL strictly across the FTP connection or the NFS mount, but on the backend, if you check the file on the server, you will see that inheritance is in fact applied to new files. NOTE: If you are using a third-party file service that runs as root and implements its own abstracted permission system, then effective ACL permissions will not apply.
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