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Figure 4 2. The iTrip Application icon
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The results of running these tests against 8i, 9i, and 10g are shown in Table 3-2.
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Fonts and Colors Node
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Data atomicity: In event of a failure, data is restored to the consistent state it existed in prior to the failure. For example, fund transfer activity must be atomic. (We cover the fund transfer activity and atomicity in more detail in 8.) Access anomalies: RDBMSs prevent more than one user from updating the same data simultaneously; such concurrent updates may result in inconsistent data. Data security: Not every user of the database system should be able to access all the data. Security refers to the protection of data against any unauthorized access. Transaction processing: A transaction is a sequence of database operations that represents a logical unit of work. In RDBMSs, a transaction either commits all the changes or rolls back all the actions performed until the point at which failure occurred. Recovery: Recovery features ensure that data is reorganized into a consistent state after a transaction fails. Storage management: RDBMSs provide a mechanism for data storage management. The internal schema defines how data should be stored.
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Some PHP directives are important in securing PHP code validating input. For example, you can use the open_basedir directive in the php.ini file to limit paths that files can be opened from. You can put all user files into a directory set in the include_path and restrict use outside of your include_path. While input validation is strongly recommended as a security precaution, it must be performed within the code for the forms within the site. Therefore, systems administrators can often only request or require the practice of validating each field, rather than building in the input validation themselves. How scripts react to submitted data becomes another source of concern for many sites.
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all the categories. When you switch to the Categorized view, you will see that all the categories are expanded by default.
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to Express), but all of these tools have been carefully designed to minimize the impact on deployment. In this chapter, you looked at the deployment environment, using IIS and SQL Server on Windows 2003, and what it takes to move a multitier application from the development environment to the deployment one. The scenario we explored in this chapter took a hands-on approach, covering most of what you ll likely encounter in a real-world deployment. You followed a data-down deployment process, first configuring the database on the server (i.e., installing AdventureWorks), and then adding the required credentials for your application to sign into the database. If this isn t deployed on your server already, go back to 4 and follow the steps there. You then had your development-based service sign into this database to ensure that it worked. Once this was achieved, you deployed your service to the server. Once that was ready, you changed your client to point to this service. Finally, you deployed your client web application to the server and made it available to all users who can access the web server. This chapter showed the power and flexibility of IIS and Windows as a web server environment and how easy it is to build your applications and make them ready for public consumption. Going beyond what you ve learned in this chapter, you can look into advanced server configuration, creating application pools and health monitoring, tweaking the compilation models, using FTP and security, and much more. Many excellent resources are available on these topics, both in book form (an excellent example being Internet Information Services 6.0 Resource Kit, from Microsoft Press) and as Internet resources, including, for example, MSDN ( and TechNet (
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In addition to this, it also calls the GetPic function, which kicks in the second Ajax function. This simply downloads (but doesn t display) the graphics. It calls this function four times, for currentPic+1, currentPic+2, currentPic-1, and currentPic-2. Many of these images will already be cached, so the call will be quick. This function could probably be a little smarter, but for the sake of simplicity, the brute-force method is used here. The GetPic function is a standard Ajax call, but no callback is needed, as the image will not be rendered.
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Key to being able to secure an operating system is understanding what actions each of the user accounts are capable of performing on the operating system. Next, we will discuss varying types of accounts within Mac OS X.
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When the card reader controller object receives the card data (number, name, expiration month, and expiration year, for example) from the reader over the 30-pin connector (remember that this would work the same if the accessory was connected by Bluetooth), convert the raw data into objects, prior to this code. First create a dictionary object into which you can insert key-value pairs. Key-value pairing combines a name with a value. Think of an actual dictionary where the word you are looking up would be the key and the value would be the set of definitions. You can easily find the word because the dictionary is indexed alphabetically. Similarly, when using NSDictionary (or NSMutableDictionary) objects, the Key is the quick index to get to the value. One other thing to note is that you use NSMutableDictionary. This allows you to create the object first, then change it as you add the individual pieces of data. The next four lines of code add each of the four pieces of information to the dictionary object. The values num, name, year, month are added using the respective keys cardNumber, cardName, cardExpYear, and cardExpMonth. After this setup, all you need to do is post the notification as can be seen in the statement:
CHAPTER 7: Adding the Game Controller
6 2. Configuring File Receives
// Error! n3 is in scope, but n1 and n2 are not!
Before uploading files to Windows Phone Marketplace, you must create Windows Phone Marketplace login credentials at To do that, once you open the Marketplace web site, click the Register for the Marketplace link and follow the step-by-step wizard to create your username and password for the Marketplace. With login credentials created, follow the following stepby-step guide to submit your application to the marketplace. 1. 2. Login to Windows Phone Marketplace ( and create a new application submission. When prompted, locate the XAP file that you created in the previous section (remember, it s in the bin/Release/ folder of the project s directory) and follow instructions to upload it to the Marketplace.
Listing 9-11 shows a prototypical use of quotations, in this case to perform error estimation on F# arithmetic expressions. Listing 9-11. Error Analysis on F# Expressions Implemented with F# Quotations open Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations open Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations.Patterns open Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations.DerivedPatterns type Error = Err of float let rec errorEstimateAux (e:Expr) (env : Map<Var,_>) = match e with | SpecificCall <@@ (+) @@> (tyargs,_,[xt;yt]) -> let x,Err(xerr) = errorEstimateAux xt env let y,Err(yerr) = errorEstimateAux yt env (x+y,Err(xerr+yerr)) | SpecificCall <@@ (-) @@> (tyargs,_,[xt;yt]) -> let x,Err(xerr) = errorEstimateAux xt env let y,Err(yerr) = errorEstimateAux yt env (x-y,Err(xerr+yerr)) | SpecificCall <@@ ( * ) @@> (tyargs,_,[xt;yt]) -> let x,Err(xerr) = errorEstimateAux xt env let y,Err(yerr) = errorEstimateAux yt env (x*y,Err(xerr*abs(y)+yerr*abs(x)+xerr*yerr))
Figure 6-2. The Screen tab lets you customize the monitor s model and arrangement, refresh rate, and resolution.
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