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Figure 5 5. Connecting an orchestration port to a Receive shape 13. The project can now be deployed. During the deployment process, the port will automatically be created, along with all bindings to the orchestration (this does not happen when a port is set up using the Specify Later option). Figure 5 6 shows the port created for this solution.
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]]> </fx:Script> <s:VGroup> <mx:UIComponent id="component" width="200" height="240" /> <s:Button id="playButton" label="Play" click="netStream.resume()" enabled="false" /> </s:VGroup> </s:Application>
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People look at reports in a different ways, so a single report can have a different impact on various people. For example, a student progress report can say a lot to parents about a child s performance. On the other hand, the same report can help the school principal check the performance of teachers.
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In addition to the graphical interface tools, command-line tools are included with the .NET Framework 2.0. The two main command-line tools are ASPNET_REGSQL and ASPNET_REGIIS, which you can locate from the following directory: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.xxxx Each of these tools provides the identical functionality as the graphical tools, but they are used strictly from the command line by specifying different arguments and switch-line commands.
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CAUTION: A good permissions hierarchy is only a partial solution. As an administrator, it is important that you take precautions to protect your data on a social level by educating them. If your users are not aware of the consequences of placing a sensitive file in a potentially public area (such as a folder named Public ), you will likely have a security breach due simply to user ignorance.
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If you have ssh or Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) access, you can push out a variety of changes to an account. Once an account has been created, any of the attributes can be changed en masse, using dscl. For example, if you wanted to reset the corpadmin password to MYSECRETPASSWORD, the following command could be sent to each machine in your enterprise:
Tip When using this method, if the icon for a computer or workgroup is a blank sheet of paper, click the
Listing 20-1. Implementation of DataElements.cs using System; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace QCPolicy { /*****************************************************/ // Configuration options for a specific activity /*****************************************************/ public class ActivityConfig { public decimal MinimumAmount { get; set; } public decimal ThresholdAmount { get; set; } public int Frequency { get; set; } public int NumberSinceLastEval { get; set; } public ActivityConfig (decimal min, decimal max, int freq) { this.MinimumAmount = min; this.ThresholdAmount = max; this.Frequency = freq; this.NumberSinceLastEval = 0; } public int IncrementEvalCount() { this.NumberSinceLastEval++; return this.NumberSinceLastEval; } public void ResetEval() { this.NumberSinceLastEval = 0; } } /*****************************************************/ // Details about the operator /*****************************************************/ public class OperatorConfig { public bool UnderEvaluation { get; set; } public int Frequency { get; set; } public int NumberSinceLastEval { get; set; } public OperatorConfig (bool eval, int freq) { this.UnderEvaluation = eval; this.Frequency = freq; this.NumberSinceLastEval = 0; }
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