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Next, add references to two namespaces for your application. Also, create a global string variable called currentDir, which will store the current directory. using ... using System.IO; using System.IO.IsolatedStorage; namespace ISExplorer { public partial class MainPage : UserControl { private string currentDir = ""; public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); this.Loaded += new RoutedEventHandler(Page_Loaded); } } ...
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CHAPTER 4: File System Permissions
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Finally, it s important that the forum script you choose is of high quality. Forum scripts that are buggy detract from the users experience. Make sure your script is easily maintained and upgraded to help facilitate running a well-patched and secure board, and make sure your script has a large support network in case something goes wrong. Lucky for you, I ve made this search easy, as I m covering such a script in this part.
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1. Ensure that you are logged on to your machine as an administrator. If you are on a local computer, chances are that your login is in fact an administrator ID. If this computer is on a network and you are unsure about your access rights, ask your PC support desk to help you out with the ID and password. 2. From Start Control Panel select User Accounts. 3. When the Users and Passwords dialog box comes up, click Create a New Account. 4. Once the Name the New Account dialog box comes up, enter the user name AJMason, as shown in Figure 1-14. When done, click Next. 5. Ensure that the account type specified is Limited (see Figure 1-15). This means that it will not have administrator privileges.
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The new XElement formed after transformation is saved to the disk as the Employees.htm file. If the check box is checked, the code opens the Employees.htm file in the browser; otherwise, a success message box is displayed. Figure 13-19 shows the Employees.htm file generated as a result of a sample run of the application.
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MessageBox.Show("Transaction rolled back" + ControlChars.Lf + _ ex.Message, "Rollback Transaction") Catch ex As System.Exception MessageBox.Show("System Error" + ControlChars.Lf + ex.Message, "Error") Finally ' Close connection conn.Close() End Try 7. Run the program by pressing Ctrl+F5. Try the same kinds of insertions and deletions as you did with sp_Trans_Test, but use b , bb , and bbb , instead of a , aa , and aaa , for the new customers.
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which contains all the claim objects in the token.
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The Workflow Foundation included in .Net 4.0 (referred to as WF 4.0) represents a whole new paradigm for building workflow-based applications. It has been completely reengineered from the ground up. In this section, you ll design some simple workflows and learn the basic concepts. In subsequent sections, you ll develop more complex solutions as you explore the capabilities provided by WF 4.0.
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Tip One of the best ways to learn about Linux is under the auspices of a knowledgeable friend. It s very
Figure 8-5 shows this alternative screen, which was captured before any choices were made. This is intentional. Flex comes with an integrated JRun Java application server. You can choose to use it or ignore it in favor of any other Java application server. We ignored it and chose JBoss. However, if you decided to choose JRun, you have the advantage of Flash Builder s default configurations coinciding with what JRun wants. In Figure 8-5, you see these choices grayed out because the Use default location for LifeCycle Data Services server option is selected.
To specify a username/password combination for a given base URL, you can now add this authentication information to the configuration file by using one or more <url> entries inside the <provider> section. <clientProviders> <formatter ref="soap" /> <provider type="UrlAuthenticationSink.UrlAuthenticationSinkProvider, UrlAuthenticationSink"> <url base="http://localhost" username="DummyRemotingUser" password="12345" /> </provider> </clientProviders> If you don t want to hard code this information, you can ask the user of your client program for the username/password and employ the following code to register it with this sink: UrlAuthenticator.AddAuthenticationEntry(<url>, <username>, <password>); To achieve the same behavior as that of the <url> entry in the previous configuration snippet, you use the following command: UrlAuthenticator.AddAuthenticationEntry( "http://localhost", "dummyremotinguser", "12345");
Server B deserializes data received as version 1. Version 1 doesn't know about date and therefore ignores it.
In today s smartphone era, content is everything. Think of YouTube, which provides fun videos to the masses through browsers. Now smartphones, too, have the ability to play high-quality movies, music, and more, anywhere. What was once possible only on desktop computers can now be done with the smartphone you carry all the time, regardless of whether you are near a cell tower or Wi-Fi connection. Windows Phones will come equipped with powerful media features for developers and designers to use to create compelling applications that can play back music, audio, and video in a host of formats. A good example of the kind of media player such functionality supports can be found at the NBC Olympics web site, where the Olympic games were streamed live, and then archived, and can now be viewed again in high definition ( Also, pay-per-view fighting matches from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are streamed live ( The NBC Olympic video player includes a BOSS button, which, when clicked, pauses the video player and pops up a full-screen display that resembles Microsoft Excel, creating the impression for you-know-who that you are working really hard. MediaElement provides incredible building flexibility that is more than just a simple video player. Windows Phone provides the ability to play videos and sounds, listen to FM radio, interact with the music and video hub, and launch Windows Marketplace to allow the user to buy songs. In this chapter, you will learn to embed in your application and customize a media player control that can play videos and sounds using MediaElement. You ll also learn to use MediaPlayerLauncher, which activates the stand-alone media player application that ships with Windows Phone. Please refer to 5 for more information on how to interact with Windows Marketplace by directing the user to buy songs and your application. As for FMRadio API, this chapter will not be covering the topic instead, you can find more information at ff769541(VS.92).aspx.
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