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/// Return a vector shifted by the given distance in both coordinates member v.ShiftXY(x,y) = { DX=v.DX+x; DY=v.DY+y } /// Get the zero vector static member Zero = { DX=0.0; DY=0.0 } /// Return a constant vector along the X axis static member ConstX(dx) = { DX=dx; DY=0.0 } /// Return a constant vector along the Y axis static member ConstY(dy) = { DX=0.0; DY=dy } You can use the properties and methods of this type as follows: > let v = {DX = 3.0; DY=4.0 };; val v : Vector2D > v.Length;; val it : float = 5.0 > v.Scale(2.0).Length;; val it : float = 10.0 > Vector2D.ConstX(3.0);; val it : Vector2D = {DX = 3.0; DY = 0.0} As usual, it s useful to look at inferred types to understand a type definition. Here are the inferred types for the Vector2D type definition of Listing 6-1. type Vector2D = { DX: float; DY: float } member Length : float member Scale : k:float -> Vector2D member ShiftX : x:float -> Vector2D member ShiftY : y:float -> Vector2D member ShiftXY : x:float * y:float -> Vector2D static member Zero : Vector2D static member ConstX : dx:float -> Vector2D static member ConstY : dy:float -> Vector2D You can see that the Vector2D type contains the following: A collection of record fields One instance property (Length) Four instance methods (Scale, ShiftX, ShiftY, ShiftXY) One static property (Zero) Two static methods (ConstX, ConstY)
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To create an archive on the fly, select files or folders in a Nautilus file browser window, right-click the selection, and select Create Archive. Give the archive a name, and the archive will be created. To add new files to an existing archive, double-click an archive file, and then drag-and-drop files into the Archive Manager window. When you ve finished, simply close the Archive Manager window.
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Abstract Methods
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4. A Results window should open, as in Figure 3-4. Note that the status bar indicates the query was successful and shows how many rows (9) were retrieved.
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The optimizer will be able to use the statistics on the virtual column defined in your index to come up with the correct cardinality, even if the execution plan doesn t use the index.
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2. Add a second button to the tab page, and change its Text property to Database Exception-2. Add a label to the right of this button, and change its Text property to Calls a stored procedure that encounters an error. 3. Add a third button to the tab page, and change its Text property to Database Exception-3. Add a label to the right of this button, and change its Text property to Creates multiple SqlError objects. The layout should look like Figure 13-7.
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Specifying the Root Element Name examples
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Building ASP.NET Applications
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