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In this chapter, you learned about the details and inner workings of .NET Remoting. You read about the various processing stages of a message, and you now know the difference between IMessageSink, IClientChannelSink, and IServerChannelSink. You also know how asynchronous requests are processed, and that the inner workings of the asynchronous message handling is different for message sinks and channel sinks. In the next chapter, I ll show you how those sinks are created using sink providers.
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Now, you can choose your data source and run your application. You ll see that you get the list of data returned, as shown in Figure 4-30. You can see that the page the DataList control builds for you isn t the prettiest of displays, but fear not, you can use the same Auto Format feature as with the GridView control, and you can define the template that dictates how the data should appear by using a visual editor. To do this, select Edit Templates in the Tasks pane (see Figure 4-31).
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Account name: the name that will show on sent email. Email address: the email address that will be used with the POP or
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Figure 1 10. Using the grid preview functionality
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Creating the First User
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Identifying Content for the Portal
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Figure 10-10. Out-of-browser settings for the InvokeNotepad project 6. Press F5 to test the application. When the application is displayed, click on the Invoke Notepad button. You ll notice that nothing happens. This is because the COM interoperability features require elevated out-of-browser execution and we are checking the HasElevatedPermissions property to avoid getting a runtime error from performing the illegal operation. Right-click within the running application and select Install InvokeNotepad Application onto this computer as shown in Figure 10-11.
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Another useful command for dealing with files is cp, which copies files. You can use the cp command in the following way:
Figure 11 8. Looking inside the Safari bundle
Tip If you re designing libraries for use from any .NET language, then there s no substitute for actually doing
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