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Using SQL Server Management Studio to Connect to the Cloud Database
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In this chapter, we examined Calc. We looked at the basics of how data can be entered into a cell and how it can be formatted. Then you learned how to create formulas. This is easy to do with the Function Wizard function, which automates the task. Next, you saw how to sort data in a spreadsheet. We also went through the steps for creating charts using a Calc wizard. Finally, we looked at creating data filters, which work rather like pivot charts in Microsoft Excel. In the next chapter, we move on to Impress, the presentations component of
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The logic of the sendTimesheetUpdate() method is then implemented as you would expect: we create a SimpleMailMessage object to represent the e-mail to be sent, populate the address information and the subject, create a string for the text of the e-mail and populate that, and call the MailSender s send method passing in the composed message object. The Spring implementation takes care of the handshaking with the remote mail server. If for any reason this fails (if the server is offline, our Internet connection is down, or the server rejects the message for any other reason), a Spring MailException will be thrown, allowing us to report or recover from the problem.
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snfsdefrag -c -r m 2 /Volumes/bighonkinvolume
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Figure 14 3. Network Utility Whois tab
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Although the type parameter is written without a handle or any other adornment, when a type argument is supplied, it will either be a handle to a reference type or a value type. The same generic collection will work with both with the same syntax. The same constructs are interpreted differently depending on whether the type parameter is a value type or a reference type. Thus, the MyList class shown in Listing 11-8 works as well with a handle to a ref class, as demonstrated in Listing 11-11, as with the value type int used in Listing 11-8. Listing 11-11. Using a Generic List for Strings ref class R { String^ name; public: R(String^ n) : name(n) {}
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Implementing the MediaPlayerLauncher
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If used carefully, the various foldBack operators are pleasantly compositional, because they let you apply a selection function as part of the accumulating function: > List.foldBack (fst >> min) [(3, "three"); (5, "five")] System.Int32.MaxValue;; val it : int = 3 The F# library also includes more direct accumulation functions such as Seq.sum and Seq.sumBy. These use a fixed accumulation function (addition) with a fixed initial value (zero).
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Chart Types
> let m = (regex @"joe").Match("maryjoewashere");; val m : Match > if m.Success then printfn "Matched at position %d" m.Index;; Matched at position 4 val it : unit = () Replacing text is also easy: > let text = "was a dark and stormy night";; val text: string > let t2 = (regex @"\w+").Replace(text, "WORD");; val t2: string = "WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD" Here, you use the regular expression "\w+" for a sequence of word characters. Table 10-6 shows the broad range of specifiers you can use with .NET regular expressions. Table 10-6. Regular Expression Escape Characters
Step 2: Installing Certificates
4. Delete the Description word from the third column using the same method. 5. Click the table to display the column and row handles. Right-click the handle of the third column (Title) and select Insert Column To the Right, as shown in Figure 14-8.
The default node.tpl.php template, shown in Listing 5-4, can be found at themes/ engines/phptemplate/node.tpl.php. Listing 5-4. Default node.tpl.php <div class="node< php print ($sticky) " sticky" : ""; >"> < php if ($page == 0): > <h2><a href="< php print $node_url >" title="< php print $title >"> < php print $title ></a></h2> < php endif; > < php print $picture > <div class="info"> < php print $submitted ><span class="terms">< php print $terms ></span> </div> <div class="content"> < php print $content > </div> < php if ($links): > < php if ($picture): > <br class='clear' /> < php endif; > <div class="links">< php print $links ></div> < php endif; > </div> As you can see from the template code, the default node template makes three important decisions (highlighted in Listing 5-4): The first is whether or not this node is being displayed in a list as opposed to on a page by itself. This is done with the test < php if ($page == 0): >. If it is in a list, $page will be zero, and the template is responsible for printing the node s title. On pages where the node is being displayed solo (node/nid), the node s title will be printed by the menu system, and the theme doesn t need to worry about it. The second decision concerns the node s links (such as add new comment), if present. The third decision involves printing the line <br class='clear' /> if there are not only links, but a user picture as well (the picture would have been printed earlier in the template). This is to prevent any float styles on the image above from breaking the layout.
When studying Table 9-1, you probably noticed that a host of new permissions were added in device software version 4.6, and many old ones were deprecated. Therefore, the permissions to ask for will vary depending on what version of the software you plan on using. You will shortly be shown strategies to deal with these kinds of versioning problems. In the meantime, let s divide the targets into two groups: one for software after 4.3 but before 4.6, and another for everything from 4.6 onward.
Account name: the friendly name for the account. Exchange ActiveSync host: the server that houses the Outlook Web
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