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CHAPTER 8: Training, Get You Some of That
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As you know by now, the message is created by the combination of the TransparentProxy and RemotingProxy, which send it to the first entry of the message sink chain. After this creation, the message will pass four to six stages, depending on the channel s configuration. You can see this in Figure 11-6.
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SqlDataReader is an abstract class and can t be instantiated explicitly. For this reason, you obtain an instance of a SqlDataReader by executing the ExecuteReader method of SqlCommand: ' Create data reader Dim rdr As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader() ExecuteReader() doesn t just create a data reader, it sends the SQL to the connection
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Processing Abstract Syntax Representations
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return _nextSink.AsyncProcessMessage(msg, replySink); } } In replySink, you ll receive the first entry to a chain of IMessageSink objects that want to be notified upon completion of the asynchronous call. If you want to handle the reply message in a sink of your own, you have to instantiate a new IMessageSink object and chain it to the existing list of reply sinks. You can see this in the following snippet (again, parts of the interface have been omitted): public class MyReplySink: IMessageSink { IMessageSink _nextSink; MyReplySink(IMessageSink next) { // .ctor used to connect this sink to the chain _nextSink = next; } IMessage SyncProcessMessage(IMessage msg) { // the msg will be the reply message! // here you can do something with the msg // and then, pass it onto the next reply sink in the chain IMessage retMsg = _nextSink.SyncProcessMessage(msg); return retMsg; } } public class MySink1: IMessageSink { IMessageSink _nextSink; IMessageCtrl AsyncProcessMessage(IMessage msg, IMessageSink replySink) { // here you can do something with the msg // create a new reply sink which is chained to the existing replySink IMessageSink myReplyChain = new MyReplySink(replySink); // call the next sink's async processing return _nextSink.AsyncProcessMessage(msg, myReplyChain); } } When the async call is completed in this example, you ll have the option to change the reply message in the MyReplySink.SyncProcessMessage() method.
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Name Value Color Size Name Value Color TextAlign Size Name Value Size Name Value Color Size Name LineWidth
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Securing the Web Components
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Using Commands
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btnCancel.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; } else { textBlock1.Text = "Thank you for using the full version of our software!"; } } When you press F5 to run the application now, there are two issues that immediately jump out at you. First, the IsTrial method, in its current implementation within Windows Phone 7 Framework, always returns false to the emulator. Because of this, given the logic of the application s current implementation, you will not see the buttons with options to upgrade to the full version of an application. If you try to force those buttons to appear, by incorrectly changing the if (lic.IsTrial() == true) if (lic.IsTrial() == false), for example, then when you click the Upgrade to Full Version button, a second issue surfaces. Since the application has not been approved and is not even registered with Windows Phone Marketplace, you will get an error (as expected) trying to display the application details page. For details on the Windows Phone Marketplace registration and application approval process, you should refer to 5. Here, let s assume that once the proper application registration is in place, Windows Phone Marketplace will properly display the application details page using the MarketplaceReviewTask class and then swap the trial license and a full application license if the user decides to purchase the program. That still leaves us with the need to properly test the application using both trial and full license modes before submitting the application to the Marketplace to ensure that all functionality that belongs to the full mode only is not available to trial users. The process of simulating trial application mode is the subject of the next section.
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RunWorkerAsync: unit -> unit CancelAsync: unit -> unit CancellationPending: bool WorkerReportsProgress: bool WorkerSupportsCancellation: bool ReportProgress: int -> unit DoWork: IEvent<DoWorkEventArgs> RunWorkerCompleted: IEvent<RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs> ProgressChanged: IEvent<ProgressChangedEventArgs>
Figure 7-9. Adding as3-rpclib.swc to the Flex project library path
As the sink is created by its corresponding provider, the SoapClientFormatterSinkProvider, which is also used in configuration files or code for configuring the formatter s properties, you usually won t use this class directly in your own code. More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemruntimeremotingchannelssoapclientformattersinkclasstopic.asp
As you saw in 9, programs run in F# Interactive have access to an object called fsi that lets you control some aspects of the interactive execution. It s contained in the assembly FSharp.Interactive.Settings.dll, which is automatically referenced in files ending with .fsx and in F# Interactive sessions. Table 18-2 shows some of the methods supported by this object. Table 18-2. Members of the fsi Object
// ditto for ambition, distraction, uglification, and derision... }; Notice the operator + declared as a friend, which is a global function, not actually a member of the class. The friend operator is necessary if you want addition to be commutative (necessary for any sensible system of operators). Consider the following expressions: double d; Complex c1, c2; c2 = c1 + d; // Complex::operator+(double d) member function called c2 = d + c1; // global friend operator+(double d, const Complex& c) called It s not possible for an instance method to be called on a class when the class is on the right side of the expression. In C++/CLI, the operators that in classic C++ you would define as global friend functions, you define as static operators in the class. This is considered a superior design in that you do not need to make any special exceptions to the encapsulation of the private data for a class in order to support commutative operators that work with primitive types. In Listing 7-22, the addition operators between Complex and double are declared as static operators in the class. These operators would have been global friend functions in a native C++ class. In addition, the operator for adding two complex numbers could also be defined as static, as in Listing 7-22, rather than as a member operator as it would be in classic C++. Listing 7-22. Defining a Static Operator // complex.h using namespace System; value class Complex { double re; double im; public: Complex(double real, double imag) : re(real), im(imag) { } // unary minus Complex operator-() { return Complex(-re, im); }
4. Click OK in the file dialog box, put a check in the box alongside Remember My
Figure 3-7. A possible PMB configuration
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