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Example: Using F# Quotations for Error Estimation
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CHAPTER 3: EA Framework Design Patterns
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Using the notes we took in the previous section, we ll now try to find every area each point has an interest in. Looking at the list of areas that require information to be recorded and stored within our database, it s clear we need to arrange them in some sort of order. We re still looking at our solution from a logical viewpoint, and we re not ready to start building anything in SQL Server yet. First off, let s scan through the points listed and try to group the information into specific related areas. The list items are numbered, so we ll be able to easily demonstrate the groupings. The following list shows some initial groupings and reasons for them: Financial products 1: We are dealing with more than one product. We need to record each product. 2: Statements will be produced for each product, and specific product information for those statements would be recorded here, such as the name of the product. 4: We need to record what type of premium is associated with this product. 5: This point deals with a financial products premium collection. 6: This point deals again with statement production. Customers 2: Customers can request statements. 3: We need to record the amount of interest for a customer. 4: A list of the different products associated with each customer is required. 7: For each share, we need to keep a current value.
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Know When to Say No
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Figure 6-1. Side-by-side deployment The side-by-side deployment concept introduced in Windows XP has also been implemented in the CLR in the .NET Framework. This means with .NET you also use side-by-side deployment and xcopy to deploy .NET applications. Thus, you get all the benefits of side-by-side deployment discussed earlier.
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Caution The conditions and actions are written in typical C# syntax except that there are no semi-colons at the
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Using the Factory Design Pattern From what you ve read up to this point, you know that the reliance on SoapSuds might not be the best choice for your distributed application. You can instead use a ffactory design pattern, in which you ll include a SAO providing methods that return new instances of the CAO.
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The DROP TABLE statement was submitted and executed without error.
CHAPTER 9: Connect. Learn. Share.
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