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Manipulating XML Documents by Using the Document Object Model
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Using Resizeable Arrays
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This book has used F# Interactive for most of the samples. F# Interactive is excellent when you re exploring a set of libraries and writing scripts or small applications that use them. But to understand how to write libraries and organize other kinds of applications, you need to learn how to use the F# command-line compiler, fsc.exe, to compile your code into DLLs and EXEs. A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is the Windows name for library components, and .exe is the extension used for executable programs. As you saw at the start of this chapter, all .NET code exists in an assembly, which is, roughly speaking, either a DLL or an EXE. Assemblies can also contain supporting code and data files. Every time you compile a set of files using fsc.exe, you create one assembly: either a DLL or an EXE. Even when you use F# Interactive (fsi.exe), you re dynamically adding code to a dynamically generated DLL. You now learn how to use the command-line compiler to create DLLs and EXEs.
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Here, you used a list of literal values with the IN operator. The WHERE clause specified that only rows where EmployeeID equals either 1 or 6 should be retrieved:
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Click Next, and set the connection string for the database to which you are connecting. Click Next, and specify the target namespace as http://SQLAdapterStoredProcedure, the port type as Send, the request document root element name as Customer_Request, and the response document root element name as Customer_Response. The wizard should look like Figure 6 22.
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Figure 12-4. Adding a service reference Enter the HTTP end of the WCF service (i.e. http://localhost:8000/EmployeeService) and desired namespace name for the proxy class. This will create a service reference for the service. It will also add some markup in the client s application configuration file. Now you can call the service from your client code. Listing 12-6 shows the Load event handler of the form.
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By utilizing themes within your application, you will be successful in maintaining a consistent look and feel. We have one topic remaining that you can add to your arsenal to help you in this ongoing challenge.
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1. This example will return the ASCII code of the first character within a string. If the string has more than one character, then only the first will be taken. DECLARE @StringTest char(10) SET @StringTest = ASCII('Robin SELECT @StringTest
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different than what appears in Figure 5-19.
CHAPTER 13: File Services
Figure 11-3. The console application publishing the EmployeeServer
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