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As noted, a number of application vendors support customization of their packages to further automate a deployment. As an example, we ll look at CheckPoint s VPN-1 SecureClient, which lets users connect to a company s VPN servers. When you install the package, the process runs, as a manual post-flight task, in the /Library/Application Support/Installers/ directory. The application bundle of each installer contains a userc.C configuration file that the installation routine copies to the correct location for the CheckPoint VPN software. You can take advantage of this when rolling out a new version of the CheckPoint client. Add the userc.C file which you ve customized for a particular deployment area (such as Corporate) and place the file within the package installer package. Now Control-click on the client and choose Show Package Contents, which will produce the screen shown in Figure 6-30.
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public interface MailSender { void send(SimpleMailMessage simpleMessage) throws MailException; void send(SimpleMailMessage[] simpleMessages) throws MailException; } The MailSender implementation is appropriate for pure text-based e-mail with no attachments, but for sending e-mail containing HTML markup or attachments, an implementation of the more-sophisticated JavaMailSender is required. Implementations allow for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) messages to be created that represent the standards for sending e-mails composed of multiple discrete files typically the e-mail text, any inline images, and any attachments associated with the e-mail.
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<body> <h1>Administration</h1> <div id="commands"> <h2>Commands</h2> <a href="${ctx}/">Home</a> <a href="${ctx}/admin/create _flowId=createUser-flow"> Add New User </a> </div> <div id="userList"> <h2>Users</h2> <c:forEach var="user" items="${users}"> <div id="user"> <a href="${ctx}/admin/view/${user.accountName}"> ${user.accountName} </a> </div> </c:forEach> </div> </body> The users attribute (a list of UserAccount objects) was added to the request attribute via the reference data in Listing 6-9. Expression language and the standard tag library are then used to iterate over these objects, rendering a set of links to the appropriate functionality to view the account details in question.
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//define employeeid attribute XmlSchemaAttribute employeeid = new XmlSchemaAttribute(); employeeid.Name = "employeeid"; employeeid.SchemaTypeName = new XmlQualifiedName("int", ""); employeeid.Use = XmlSchemaUse.Required; employeetype.Attributes.Add(employeeid); //define top complex type XmlSchemaComplexType complextype = new XmlSchemaComplexType(); XmlSchemaSequence sq = new XmlSchemaSequence(); XmlSchemaElement employee = new XmlSchemaElement(); employee.Name = "employee"; employee.SchemaType = employeetype; employee.MinOccurs = 0; employee.MaxOccursString = "unbounded"; sq.Items.Add(employee); complextype.Particle = sq; //define <employees> element XmlSchemaElement employees = new XmlSchemaElement(); employees.Name = "employees"; employees.SchemaType = complextype; schema.Items.Add(employees); //compile the schema XmlSchemaSet set = new XmlSchemaSet(); set.Add(schema); set.Compile(); //save the schema XmlTextWriter writer = new XmlTextWriter(textBox1.Text,null); schema.Write(writer); writer.Close(); MessageBox.Show("Schema Created Successfully!"); } The code is a bit lengthy and hence we will dissect it in pieces.
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Typical Command Options
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As stated earlier, DataTable is a set of data and consists of rows and columns. The DataTable class has the following three important collections: The Columns collection is exposed as the Columns property and is an instance of the DataColumnCollection class. It contains zero or more DataColumn objects. Each DataColumn object represents a column or field of the DataTable, just like a database column. These columns define the structure of a DataTable. The Rows collection is exposed as the Rows property and is an instance of the DataRowCollection class. It contains zero or more DataRow objects. Each DataRow is similar to a database record and contains the actual data of the DataTable. Just like a database table, a DataTable can also have constraints, such as unique key constraints and foreign key constraints. The Constraints collection is exposed as the Constraints property and is an instance of the ConstraintCollection class. It can contain zero or more instances of the UniqueConstraint or ForeignKeyConstraint classes. In addition to the preceding classes, there is a special object called DataView that is based on a DataTable. As the name suggests, DataView is used to present different views of data by sorting and filtering data from the DataTable. Note that DataView does not have independent existence and is always based on a DataTable. Generally, you will populate your DataSet with the data from a data source such as SQL Server. However, DataSet is fully disconnected. Most of the objects of DataSet explained earlier can be created independently without any interaction with any data source. This means you can programmatically create your DataSet without even connecting with any data source. For example, you may wish to import a comma-separated list of string data into a database table. In such cases, you can create DataSet and DataTable objects programmatically and populate the data. Later you can save this data to a database table.
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