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RAID 0: Offers no redundancy. Gives the fastest data access speeds and is the
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We ve only scratched the surface of LINQ for SQL. Remember, SQO emulates relational operations. You can join database tables and nest queries. Just as with ADO.NET and SQL, you can update a database and call stored procedures and user-defined functions. You can even control (to some extent) what parts of a query expression will execute locally or on the database server. You can do a lot more than that too. VB 9.0 query expressions can be much more elaborate, yet still elegant, and can be extraordinarily powerful. And that s with just the May 2006 CTP. The final release will be even richer.
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This chapter will guide you through the development of a simple web service. Further, in this chapter, you will see how you can create a Travel Itinerary in PDF format. You ll also learn how this PDF report can be consumed with a Windows Forms client. You ll learn how to expose the reporting capabilities of RS via a web service to various cross-platform clients. We ll also discuss how reports can be made available on demand to mobile clients in both offline and online modes.
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10. Navigate through the schema structure displayed in the tree view, and select the container record for the child records you wish to process individually (the Orders record in this example), as shown in Figure 2 16. Then click OK.
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Figure 14-1. Adding the Silverlight Class Library to the project
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The InfoMessage event is raised by a connection when the database gives out information messages. Information messages aren t error messages from the database. They re warning and informational messages issued by the database. In the case of SQL Server, any message with a severity of ten or less is considered informational and would be captured with the InfoMessage event. The InfoMessage event handler receives an InfoMessageEventArgs object that contains a collection of the messages from the data source in its Errors collection property. The Error objects in this collection are of type SqlError, and can be queried for information such as the number, the source, the message, and the exact line number in the stored procedure where this message originated from, among other things. Let s run a query and a T-SQL PRINT statement. You ll capture this event and query the information in the Errors collection.
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Figure 3 43. Staging Deployment screen 4. Click Deploy. The main screen page will be loaded, as shown in Figure 3 44.
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