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Versioning Strategies
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Probably the most important hardware concept you need to be familiar with is RAID, which stands for redundant array of inexpensive disks. RAID is essentially about different ways of storing data twice, or more than twice, on different disks. I m oversimplifying just a bit, but a core goal of RAID is to let you survive losing a disk without also losing any of the data that was on that disk. The redundancy part of RAID is what allows us to survive the loss of a drive. There are different ways to provide redundancy, and I ll cover those in this chapter. Understanding different RAID configurations is going to save your bacon on more than one occasion. Different RAID configurations are called for in different situations. They can be used to improve performance as well as protect against disaster.
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you continue to use the BTSDeploy tool, your BizTalk artifacts will be deployed to the default BizTalk application.
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Command Parameters
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Figure 1 28. Enabling message queuing for BizTalk RFID Install
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Table 3-5. Interfaces Extended by the ApplicationContext Interface
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Using Automatic Browser Detection
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Note Step 5 assumes that you have already installed Visual Studio 2010. If not, you will need to install that to continue.
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catch (RuntimeWrappedException e) { String s = (String)e.WrappedException; Console.WriteLine(e.Message); Console.WriteLine(s); } } } The output of Listing 10-8 is as follows: An object that does not derive from System.Exception has been wrapped in a RuntimeWrappedException. Error that throws string! I do not recommend throwing nonexception objects. Throwing exception objects that all derive from the root of the same exception hierarchy has the advantage in that a catch filter that takes the Exception class will capture all exceptions. If you throw objects that don t fit this scheme, they will pass through those filters. There may be times when that behavior is desired, but most of the time you are introducing the possibility that your nonstandard exception will be erroneously missed, which would have undesired consequences. (The paradox is that a non-Exception exception is an exception to the rule that all exceptions derive from Exception. You can see how confusing it could be.)
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Note The problem within this recipe is the same as in Recipe 7 7. The solutions in the two recipes differ in how
The code begins by declaring a variable of type XPathNavigator at the top of the event handler. It then checks which radio button is selected. If the XPathNavigator is to be created from XmlDocument, it creates an instance of the XmlDocument class. It then loads the Employees.xml file with the help of the Load() method of XmlDocument. The XmlDocument class has a method called CreateNavigator() that creates and returns an instance of the XPathNavigator class. If the navigator is to be created from XPathDocument, the code creates an instance of the XPathDocument class. There are several overloads on the constructor of this class; our code uses the one that accepts the path to the XML file. The CreateNavigator() method of XPathDocument creates and returns an instance of XPathNavigator. Finally, a message box is displayed just to report the success of the operation.
Wildcard character indicating that zero or more characters can appear in its place.
// Load an assembly, and print out the methods in the types in the // assembly, invoking the specified method on the specified type. void LoadAndReflect(String^ assemblyFileName) { Assembly^ assembly = Assembly::LoadFrom(assemblyFileName); array<Type^>^ types = assembly->GetTypes(); for each (Type^ t in types) { Console::WriteLine(t->ToString()); // Get the methods and loop over them. array<MethodInfo^>^ methods = t->GetMethods(); for each (MethodInfo^ method in methods) { Console::Write(" {0} {1}(", method->ReturnType->ToString(), method->Name); // Get the parameters and loop over them. array<ParameterInfo^>^ params = method->GetParameters(); // We don't use for each here because we need to use the index // to determine whether a comma is needed. for (int i = 0; i < params->Length; i++) { ParameterInfo^ param = params[i]; Console::Write("{0} {1}", param->ParameterType->ToString(), param->Name); if (i < params->Length - 1) Console::Write(", "); } Console::WriteLine(")"); } } } }; int main(array<String^>^ args) { Reflector^ r = gcnew Reflector(); // Pass the assembly file name and reflect over it. for each (String^ s in args) { Console::WriteLine("Reflection on {0}", s); r->LoadAndReflect(s); } }
Figure 11-8. Adding a new user Enter the following information for the new user to be created: Username: Password: password*123 Email: Security question: Pet s name Security question answer: Fido When you finish entering this data, click the Add User button, and you will see the message that the user has been created successfully (Figure 11-9).
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