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Figure 8-10. The final look of the dtComplaintList data table
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The early years of Windows XP were not happy ones at Microsoft. The whole world was upset with the company for allowing its operating system to be exploited by multiple malicious programs. Even though Windows XP shipped with safeguards that could prevent those exploits, their activation was left up to the user, and that activation rarely happened. What Microsoft quickly learned from that experience was that it must take a lot of responsibility to protect its user base from both known and potential malicious attacks. Because mobile devices contain huge amounts of personal information and by their nature are frequently lost or misplaced, application monitoring is all the more necessary. For Microsoft to assume this responsibility for Windows Phone 7 applications, it must have as much control as possible over the
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The last option for flowing identities across machines would be manually implementing your own protocols. But never underestimate the effort to build such protocols that are as secure as, for example, Kerberos is. Now that you have seen the concepts you have to keep in mind, just take a short look at how security behaves by configuring the back-end server using the SSPI security solution demonstrated in the last chapter. Let s start with the simplest example, the Windows Forms client created in the previous chapter calling the .NET Remoting server directly with SSPI configured. First of all, you have to add references to the Microsoft.Samples.Security.SSPI.dll and Microsoft.Samples.Remoting.Security.dll assemblies as explained in 5.
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Explaining every single line of the preceding code would be redundant, so here s a quick summary. You create the URLLoader instance and load the XML data from the JSP. The load function of URLLoader uses a URLRequest object, which defines the URL. The returned XML is wrapped in an XMLListCollection and bound to a data grid. The DataGrid is implemented using ActionScript alone. Its columns, corresponding data fields, and header texts are explicitly defined and set on the data grid. There s a button and a VBox component in the MXML application. The data grid is added as a child of the VBox component. The Button click handler indirectly, via an intermediate method, invokes the URLLoader load method. The URLLoader class triggers a set of events as the load activity progresses. In the example, we listen to the COMPLETE event. On completion, an event handler is activated that retrieves the returned data, parses it, and binds it to the data grid. That s about it! Although URLLoader is quite similarto HTTPService in generating the output in the example, there are a few fundamental differences:
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As with the iCal Server service, you can also use Server Admin, located in /Applications/Server to more granularly configure the Address Book Server service. When you click on the Address Book entry for your Address Book Server in Server Admin, you ll see the screen in Figure 5-23.
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Search field. Click the Search button.
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Table 10-10 summarizes the imperative collections available in the System.Collections.Generic namespace. Table 10-10. The .NET and F# Imperative Data Structures from System.Collections.Generic
The addMarker method will take the longitude, latitude, and title parameters and draw an icon marker on the map.
The left-hand side of the screen contains the control bar. When you hold the mouse down on any of the control icons (they have a triangle on their bottom-right-hand corner), the controls within that family will pop up. For example, if you hold the mouse on the Button icon, the list of selectable controls (such as CheckBox and RadioButton) will appear (see Figure 8-8).
CHAPTER 3: Active Directory
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