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Otherwise, the processing logic is basically the same as you ve seen many times throughout the book: open a connection, access a database, and then close the connection. Now let s retrieve the text you just stored.
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Outside .NET, OLE DB is still Microsoft s high-performance data access technology. You can use it to access data stored in any format, so even in ADO.NET it plays an important role in accessing data sources that don t have their own ADO.NET data providers. The .NET Framework data provider for OLE DB is in the namespace System.Data.OleDb. Table 4-3 describes some important classes in the OleDb namespace.
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Tip Enter a few carriage returns at the top of your signature so that when you create a new e-mail, you
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CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
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{ import com.adobe.cairngorm.vo.IValueObject; [Bindable] // Defines the <code>AssetVO<code> Value Object implementation public class TweetVO implements IValueObject { public var created_at:String; public var from_user:String; public var from_user_id:String; public var id:String; public var iso_language_code:String; public var profile_image_url:String; public var source:String; public var text:String; public var to_user_id:String; public function TweetVO(item:Object) { this.created_at = item.created_at; this.from_user = item.from_user; this.from_user_id = item.from_user_id; =; this.iso_language_code = item.iso_language_code; this.profile_image_url = item.profile_image_url; this.source = item.source; this.text = item.text; this.to_user_id = item.to_user_id; } } }
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The last participant that you ll implement will write the events to a database. The tracking participant will receive the track events based on the queries defined in the TrackingProfile. The tracking participant is responsible for performing the database updates, which gives you complete control of how this is stored.
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RDF in this respect is ideal however, it is quite a complex standard; RSS pragmatically provides a reasonable subset of this information oriented specifically toward syndication at the cost of a somewhat fragmented standard.
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Using the Standard Visual Effects
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