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If you re sure the type of the result will always be an Integer (a safe bet with COUNT(*)), then the previous code is safe. However, if you left the cast to Integer in place and changed the CommandText of the command to the following:
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Exploring Other Data Sources
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Looking at things from the opposite view point: if we fire the following query at a general purpose RBDMS, what could it do to resolve it select * from tableX where z_code in ('A','B','C'); One option would be to scan every row from tableX, and check the column z_code to see if it was an 'A', 'B', or 'C' a filtering operation. Another option might be to make use of a
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To implement the main() function, enter the following code: WorkflowInvoker.Invoke(CreateWorkflow()); Console.WriteLine("Press ENTER to exit"); Console.ReadLine(); Note that this is identical to the main() implementation from 1. If you want, you can simply copy and paste from your previous application. There is one difference, however. The following line calls CreateWorkflow() instead of new Workflow1(): WorkflowInvoker.Invoke(CreateWorkflow()); Workflow1 was defined in the Workflow1.xaml file, which was generated by the workflow designer. CreateWorkflow() is a method that you ll implement now.
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The benefits around a possible substitution of implementation can be overstated; swapping out a database isn t that frequent an occurrence. The real benefit of introducing the DAO layer is the way that it constrains certain types of complexity (database operations) to small classes. This makes debugging much simpler, and this is the advantage of the layered approach in general. A bug can be readily tracked to the layer it originates in (often its characteristics will be such that it is easy to infer its origin), and the limited complexity of the layer then makes analysis of the bug much simpler.
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./aircrack n 128 <outputfilenamefromairodump>
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-sO -sS -sT -sU -sP --interactive -sR/ -O -p <range> -F -v -PN
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