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Thread.sleep(1000); byte[] snapShot = control.getSnapshot ("encoding=jpeg&width=640&height=480&quality=normal"); player.close();
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Local Transactions in SQL Server 2005
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The next step is you are going to take a custom open source component that was built by Ely Greenfield. You can download the component from here:
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Making Backups with the WP-DB Backup Plug-In
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The primary limitation to both of these tools is that they must be run from the actual environment. That environment may even have application restrictions to prevent the running of these tools, which naturally makes troubleshooting a fun endeavor. In this case, there are a few options. On option is to temporarily enable access to System, so that it can be opened and managed client settings can be reviewed and tweaked. This is a bit of a pain and care has to be taken to ensure the restrictions are put in place when done. Another option is to invoke the system_profiler command-line binary remotely via an Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) admin station. This works fine, but the main limitation here is that the output can be a bit difficult to parse. Apple provides another command line tool, mcxquery, which can be used to query the resulting MCX settings from arbitrarily passed data. It is possible to specify user, group, and a computer, and view the resulting MCX data. For instance, to query the MCX for user johndoe, logging into computer johndoe-macbook , I would use the syntax:
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Nowadays the building of distributed applications has gotten a lot easier so that it s quite feasible to distribute business applications among various machines to improve performance, scalability, and maintainability.
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Figure 14-5. The Properties panel for generic.xaml 5. Open the generic.xaml file. You will see that, by default, the file has the following contents: <ResourceDictionary xmlns="" xmlns:x=""> </ResourceDictionary> 6. Next we need to add a reference to the CoolDownButton namespace: <ResourceDictionary xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:bsl="clr-namespace:CoolDownButton"> </ResourceDictionary> 7. Now you can add the actual XAML that will make up the control. First, add a Style tag, with the TargetType set to CoolDownButtonControl. Then add a Setter for the control template, and within that, add the ControlTemplate definition, again with TargetType set to CoolDownButtonControl. The control will consist of two Rectangle components: one for the button itself, named coreButton, and one for the 75% opacity overlay that will be displayed when the button is in its CoolDown state. It will also have a TextBlock component to contain the text of the button. This defines the control in the default state. Therefore, the opacity of the overlay rectangle is set to 0% to start, because the overlay should not be visible by default. The additions are as follows:
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s Note All expressions must start with an equals sign.
Figure 10-2. Application for executing SELECT queries via SqlXmlCommand The application consists of a text box for entering SELECT queries. Note that these SELECT queries must use some mode of the FOR XML clause you learned earlier. The Execute button executes the query and displays the results in a Web Browser control. The Click event handler of the Execute button is shown in Listing 10-17. Listing 10-17. Using the SqlXmlCommand Class private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string strConn = @"Provider=SQLOLEDB;server=.\sqlexpress;database=northwind;integrated security=SSPI"; SqlXmlCommand cmd = new SqlXmlCommand(strConn); cmd.CommandText = textBox1.Text; Stream stream= cmd.ExecuteStream(); StreamReader reader=new StreamReader(stream); StreamWriter writer = File.CreateText(Application.StartupPath + @"\sqlxmlresults.xml"); writer.Write(reader.ReadToEnd()); writer.Close(); webBrowser1.Navigate(Application.StartupPath + @"\sqlxmlresults.xml"); }
Begin Process (Receive Shape) End Process (Send Shape) Failure (Expression Shape)
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