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Figure 10-35. Initiate a device backup in iTunes.
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In 6, you saw how to piggyback on the existing contacts database in order to keep track of how many times you have shared media with each contact. It s an interesting piece of data, but currently there isn t any way to view it without opening up the address book. You can write a browser Plug-in that will run whenever the user views an appropriate piece of content in the Browser.
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So far, we have focused on using the browser as a portal to dynamic, regularly updated external content. However, sometimes the browser can be helpful purely as a
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Accessing the Attributes
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NOTE: In order to use the Write to Server button, you will need elevated (e.g., diradmin) privileges to the LDAP server.
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Transitions: When a control changes from one state to another for example, when a Button control goes from its normal state to having the mouse hovered over it its visual appearance may change. In some cases, this change may be animated to provide a smooth visual transition from the states. These animations are defined in the Parts and States model by transitions. State group: According to the Parts and States model, control states can be grouped into mutually exclusive groups. A control cannot be in more than one state within the same state group at the same time.
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Instructing Sophos to perform certain actions when infected files are found. Specifying folders to which infected files are moved or copied. Many reporting options, including naming of reports and merging of reports from multiple computers. Giving the user the ability to configure whether alerts result in desktop prompts, what types of alerts are used, and the text of the alerts. Log File customizes the location and editor used in log files. Sophos Anti-Virus licensing is flexible, if you already own licenses for the Windows platform, appropriating those licenses for a Mac is perfectly legal. While Sophos suite may be overkill for most home users, the options available for network administrators are certainly hard to beat.
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This command will add the specified certificate to the admin domain, effective for all users. Once added to this Keychain, GUI applications, such as Safari and Mail, will properly trust certificates signed by our CA. Oddly enough, the LDAP client in Address Book actually uses the same LDAP facility as DirectoryService. Thus, to set up SSL lookups in Address Book, previous methodology for configuring the previous /etc/openldap/ldap.conf file applies. This is a rather exhaustive procedure between importing the certificate(s) into our local file system for use by LDAP, importing the certificate(s) into the Keychain, and then configuring LDAP settings to establish the trust. Luckily, there is a script to facilitate this process. This script will take a specified pem file, so copy it into a specified directory, import into keychain, and update the ldap.conf file:
In Listing 4-4, the object returned is not needed after the integer is extracted from it. The object may then be garbage collected, because all handles to it are gone. I view boxing as a welcome convenience that allows all types to be treated in the same way; however, there is a performance price to pay. For a function like DebugPrint, which has to deal with all kinds of types, it makes a lot of sense to rely on boxing because it s likely not a performance-critical function. For performance-critical code, you would want to avoid unnecessary boxing and unboxing since the creation of an object is unnecessary overhead. Boxing takes place whenever a value type is converted to an object, not just in the context of a function call. A cast to Object, for example, results in a boxing conversion. int i = 5; Object^ o = (Object^) i; // boxing conversion Aside from conversions, even literal values can be treated as objects and methods called on them. The following code results in a boxing conversion from int to Object: Console::WriteLine( (100).ToString() ); To summarize, implicit boxing and unboxing of value types allows value types to be treated just like reference types. You might wonder if there s a way of treating a reference type like a value type, at least in some respects. One aspect of value types that may be emulated by reference types is their deterministic scoping. If they are members of a class, they are cleaned up and
Delegates and Events
How It Works
Figure 12-3. Creation of sinks from a chain of providers
Figure A-19. PriorityPolicy rule set The Hardcode activity is used for testing only and is normally disabled. It overrides the Review and Priority properties that were set by the Policy activities. This was provided to make it easier to test both QC and non-QC scenarios.
package flexUnitTests { import org.flexunit.assertThat; import org.flexunit.assumeThat; import org.flexunit.experimental.theories.Theories; import org.hamcrest.number.greaterThan; import org.hamcrest.object.instanceOf; [Suite] [RunWith("org.flexunit.experimental.theories.Theories")] public class FlexUnit4TheorySuite { private var theory:Theories; //-------------------------------------------------------------------------// // DataPoints // //-------------------------------------------------------------------------[DataPoint] public static var number:Number = 5; //-------------------------------------------------------------------------// // Theories // //-------------------------------------------------------------------------[Theory] public function testNumber( number:Number ):void { assumeThat( number, greaterThan( 0 ) );
when you eventually execute it.
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