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Once you have Rootkit Hunter installed, you can invoke it using the following additional parameters: --configfile <filename>: Uses a custom configuration file. --createlogfile: Creates a log at /var/log/rkhunter.log. --cronjob: Runs as cronjob.
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Result: Returned object. Null if error. Error: Returned error object. Null of no error. Id: Same as the request identifier.
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Using RIM Crypto with Digests
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Introducing Side-by-Side Deployment
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Information from your target audience is paramount when designing a user interface. The best information to use when designing a user interface is input from the target audience. Tailor your interface to make frequent tasks easy to perform.
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Select/Where/From Queries Using Aggregate Operators
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' Create data reader Dim rdr As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader() ' Store Employees schema in a data table Dim schema As DataTable = rdr.GetSchemaTable() ' Display info from each row in the data table. ' Each row describes a column in the database table. For Each row As DataRow In schema.Rows For Each col As DataColumn In schema.Columns Console.WriteLine( _ col.ColumnName & " = " & row(col).ToString()) Next Console.WriteLine("----------------") Next ' Close data reader rdr.Close() Catch e As Exception ' Display error Console.WriteLine("Error: " & e.ToString) Finally ' Close connection conn.Close() End Try End Sub End Module
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4. The I can revoke this signature at a later date option allows you to revoke the key.
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Here, I just give you a short introduction to the factory design pattern. Basically you have two classes, one of which is a factory, and the other is the real object you want to use. Due to constraints of the real class, you will not be able to construct it directly, but instead will have to call a method on the factory, which creates a new instance and passes it to the client. Listing 3-6 shows you a fairly simple implementation of this design pattern. Listing 3-6. The Factory Design Pattern using System; namespace FactoryDesignPattern { class MyClass { } class MyFactory { public MyClass GetNewInstance() { return new MyClass(); } }
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The next method, decodeScope(), returns the scope of a portlet session attribute.
Figure 19-9. Custom activity designer (WF 3.5) Drag a CodeActivity onto this designer and double-click it which should display the code-behind file. Before entering the code for this activity, add the code shown in Listing 19-1 just after the class constructor.
Because you want to provide access to customer data, you first need to create a Customer class that will hold this information. This object needs to be passed as a copy (by value), so you have to mark it with the [Serializable] attribute. In addition to the three properties FirstName, LastName, and DateOfBirth, you will also add a method called GetAge() that will calculate a customer s age. Next to performing this calculation, this method will write a message to the console so that you can easily see in which context (client or server) the method is executing. [Serializable] public class Customer { public String FirstName; public String LastName; public DateTime DateOfBirth; public Customer() { Console.WriteLine(Customer.constructor: Object created); } public int GetAge() { Console.WriteLine("Customer.GetAge(): Calculating age of {0}, " + "born on {1}.", FirstName, DateOfBirth.ToShortDateString()); TimeSpan tmp = DateTime.Today.Subtract(DateOfBirth); return tmp.Days / 365; // rough estimation } } Up to this point in the code, there s not much difference from a local application. Before being able to start developing the server, you have to put the interface and the class in the namespace General and compile this project to a separate DLL, which will later be referenced by the server and the client.
The most straightforward and simple way to set a property is by using attribute syntax. However, in some cases, you will use element syntax.
Table 12-3. Costs Changing with Memory Allocation and Feature Usage
that the text supplied with this particular hack is in English, so you will need to translate to your other desired language (or obtain a translation of the hack, if one is available).
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In 4 we covered storage options for Mac OS X. Assuming you are using a storage medium capable of supporting multiple writes on the same volume, you can use the iCal service in a clustered fashion. Clustering iCal Server can provide an ActiveActive solution, giving users a performance boost if the connections on your server are saturated, and also providing high availability. To cluster the iCal service, you configure two iCal servers in an identical manner. To do this, you can configure the settings as you just did when backing up the iCal server to the /backups/icalbak file. To configure the same settings on the second host, use the same serveradmin command but swap the > for a <, assuming that the icalbak file has been copied to the same location on the second server:
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