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CHAPTER 12: Securing a Wireless Network
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Figure 14-10. General Options page
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Connections have several properties that provide information about the connection. Most of these properties are read-only, since their purpose is to display rather than set information. (You set connection values in the connection string.) These properties are often useful when debugging, to verify that the connection properties are what you expect them to be. Here, we ll describe the connection properties common to most data providers.
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Figure A-2. Creating a new account Enter your name, e-mail address, and a password (the e-mail address is not actually used to send emails so you can enter any text here that you want.) The next time you log in, you ll want to check the Keep me logged in check box, as shown in Figure A-3. If you do, you won t need to log in again even if you restart the application.
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Figure 6-24. Browsing Package Contents and assigning permissions with Composer
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Once the application is submitted for the certification process it will be tested against series of certification requirements. Following sections will summarize those requirements.
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How It Works
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Categorizing Feeds
Obviously, when taking a backup, it must work; otherwise you have wasted your time, but, crucially, you are leaving your database and organization in a vulnerable position if the backup has failed. If you have time within your backup window to verify that a backup has been successful, then you must do it. As you will see, SQL Server 2005 gives you different options on how to do this. It cannot be stressed strongly enough that verifying a backup is just as crucial as taking the backup in the first place. There have been situations where a backup has been taken every night; however, no one has noticed that the backup has failed and then there has been a hardware failure, and so there s no backup to use as a restore on a new machine. In one case
Figure 3-10. MSBuild dialog box in Visual Studio
To complement stretching the image, you can also set the image alignment using the
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