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The following steps demonstrate setting how to debug an orchestration. 1. 2. Open the BizTalk Administration Console, and navigate to the BizTalk Group Hub page. Find an instance of a currently running orchestration that you wish to debug, or find a completed instance of an orchestration that you wish to debug future instances of. For this example, click on the Completed Instances link on the Group Hub page, which will show a list of all instances (orchestrations and otherwise) that have completed. Right-click the instance of the orchestration to debug, and select Orchestration Debugger, as shown in Figure 10 16. The Orchestration Debugger window will open. The full orchestration will appear with a pane on the left showing a list of tracked events, as shown in Figure 10 17.
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Let s run through a simple DataGrid example. 1. Create a new Silverlight application in Visual Studio 2010. Name the project SimpleDataGrid, and have Visual Studio create a hosting web application for you. Add the DataGrid to your application. To do this, simply add the DataGrid to the root Grid in your XAML, and set the Margin property to 10 to get some spacing around the grid. In addition, give the DataGrid the name grid. Note that, by default, the Grid s AutoGenerateColumns property is set to true. If you were going to define the columns manually, you would want to set this property to false. However, since you want the grid to create the columns automatically, you can simply omit the property. The DataGrid definition follows: <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <sdk:DataGrid Name="grid" Margin="10" /> </Grid>
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# # This script will export the iPhone Configuration Utility certificates and private key # to files in the current directory with the naming conventions below. $certname = "iPCUCertificateAuthority.crt"; $pubkey = "iPCUCertificatePublic.p12"; $privkey = "iPCUCertificatePrivate.p12" ; open(CERTS, "security export -k login.keychain -t certs|"); my $ifile = ""; my $thisfile = ""; while(<CERTS>) { $ifile .= $_; $thisfile .= $_; if($_ =~ /^\-+END(\s\w+) \sCERTIFICATE\-+$/) { $subject = `echo "$thisfile" | openssl x509 -noout -subject`; if($subject =~ m/iPCU Certificate Authority/){ $crtmodulus = `echo "$thisfile" | openssl x509 -noout -modulus`; my $fname = $certname; open CERT, ">$fname"; print CERT $thisfile; close CERT; } $thisfile = ""; } } close(CERTS); $exportPublic = `openssl x509 -inform pem -in $certname -noout -pubkey > $pubkey`; open(PRIV, "security export -k login.keychain -t privKeys -f pkcs12 -P pass | openssl pkcs12 -passin pass:pass -passout pass:pass|"); my $kfile = ""; my $thiskey = ""; while(<PRIV>) { $kfile .= $_; $thiskey .= $_; if($_ =~ /^\-+END(\s\w+) \sRSA PRIVATE KEY\-+$/) { $modulus = `echo "$thiskey" | openssl rsa -noout -modulus -passin pass:pass `; if($modulus = $crtmodulus){ my $fname = $privkey; open FILE, ">$fname"; print FILE $thiskey; close FILE; } $thiskey = ""; } } close(PRIV);
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Before you can do any work with a database, you need to establish a connection to it. For instance, you can connect to a locally running instance of SQL Server 2005 Express using the following code: open System.Data open System.Data.SqlClient let connString = @"Server='.\SQLEXPRESS';Integrated Security=SSPI" let conn = new SqlConnection(connString) The value connString is a connection string. Regardless of how you created your connection object, to execute any updates or queries on it, you need to open it first: > conn.Open();; val it : unit = () If this command fails, then you may need to do one of the following: Install SQL Server 2005 Express or a newer version. Consult the latest SQL Server Express samples for alternative connection strings. Add UserInstance='true' to the connection string. This starts the database engine as a user-level process. Change the connection string if you have a different database engine installed and running (for instance, if you re using SQL Server instead of SQL Server Express).
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We apply the open source JFreeChart project to provide professional data-charting capabilities within a portlet.
Automatic Database Backups
if you wish.
Most portlets should use JSP or another presentation technology (like Apache Velocity) to display their content The JSP page can share the portlet s session, request, and response objects easily, and there is a portlet JSP tag library to make some tasks easy. In these cases, the portlet is going to act as a controller, and handle incoming action and render requests. The render requests will be processed and delegated
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