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In our example, we configure a portlet preference for the ForumCount. We will use this to define the number of forums that can be seen in the normal portlet view of the application.
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Control Name
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Collection of startup scripts that make up the components of a run level. Under Ubuntu, these are found at /etc/init.d. Symbolic links to selected init.d scripts are contained in folders within /etc/init.d that are named after run level numbers, such as rc0.d, rc1.d, rc2.d, and so on.
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Report Items
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While reading the explanation of filters, you may have been puzzled by the term thread context and may have expected the authentication information to be stored within the request context. Storing the authentication information within the request context makes perfect sense for a web application when you are concerned with restricting access to URLs and otherwise carrying out web-oriented security operations, but there is more to security than preventing access to URLs. You may wish to write code that is aware of the specifics of the user currently accessing the database. In our example application, a typical example of this requirement is the need to ensure that a specific user does not access other users timesheets. The URL concerns cannot help us: all users access the timesheet application by the same means, so we need to ensure that a user who manages to get a request for another user s timesheet past the filters cannot actually access the data in question. The simplest way to prevent this access is to check the authenticated user s name against the request for the data. To do so, we need to access the information in layers of the software that should not have access to a servlet request object. These layers should work equally well in a stand-alone Swing application that carries out its authentication by using a dialog box. The authentication and authorization information is therefore stored in a thread-local variable that is accessible through a static method on the SecurityContextHolder class. A call to this getContext() method allows the authentication object established elsewhere to be retrieved, as shown in Listing 7-21.
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Figure 5-4. WindowsIdentity sample in action
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Caution If you use the initial version 1.1 of the .NET Framework (without service packs), metadata generated by SoapSuds cannot be used for client-activated objects. This is a bug that has been detailed in article 823445 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. You can find more details about this problem and how to contact Product Support Services (PSS) to obtain a hotfix at default.aspx scid=kb;en-us;823445.
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The Generated_General.dll file (which you can see in Figure 4-2) contains not only the metadata for Server.CustomerManager, but also the definition for General.Customer. This is because SoapSuds generates metadata-only assemblies for all classes and assemblies that are referenced by your server. You ll run into the same problems when referencing parts from mscorlib.dll or other classes from the System.* namespaces. Comparing Generated_General.dll to the original General.Customer in General.dll (the one that has been created by compiling the shared project) in Figure 4-3, you can see that although the generated Customer class contains all defined fields, it does not include the GetAge() method.
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Editing Binary
our example, validating an email address, note that if an end user enters an email address such as, the email address is actually valid because of the formatting. However, in all probability, it is a nonfunctioning email account.
Datasets allow applications to work in a disconnected mode, which means the application connects to the database, loads relevant data to an in-memory representation, and processes the data locally. When the processing is completed, the data in the in-memory dataset can be synchronized with the database. ADO.NET datasets are compact in-memory databases and provide similar functionality to real databases; however, they re designed to work with a limited amount of data. A DataSet contains a collection of tables, the relationships between those tables, and various constraints. Tables are represented by the DataTable type. And as in a SQL server, tables are defined by their columns (DataColumn objects), and the data is stored in rows (DataRow objects). In ADO.NET, the loading of data into the dataset and the synchronization to the database are coordinated by data adapters for instance, SqlDataAdapter objects. Consider the following example, which defines a buildDataSet function that takes a connection and a SQL SELECT query and returns the resulting DataSet object: let dataAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter() let buildDataSet conn queryString = dataAdapter.SelectCommand <- new SqlCommand(queryString, conn) let dataSet = new DataSet() // This line is needed to configure the command let _ = new SqlCommandBuilder(dataAdapter) dataAdapter.Fill(dataSet) |> ignore // ignore the number of records returned dataset
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Figure 5-18. iCal account creation security confirmation.
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