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Note Including bindings within your MSI package will automatically overwrite any existing bindings in the target
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Why [OneWay] Events Are a Bad Idea
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Administrators (anyone with the Administer Users permission, in this case) are able to access and configure individual user accounts. You can see a list of users by selecting administer users (admin/user). Clicking the Edit link for any of the users listed brings up the same form that the user herself uses to configure her account, with the addition of a couple administrative fields. The administrator is privy to all of the information and can even enter a new password. Note that the administrator cannot, under any circumstances, see the current password for a user. In addition to the fields to which the user has access, administrators have access to two important user management tools: Status and Roles. Setting a user s Status to Blocked prevents the user from logging in to the site using that account. This should be used to deactivate accounts when users misbehave, fail to observe the site s guidelines, or use their account to introduce spam. A blocked user cannot log in and has no user account page (user/uid). The message given when a blocked user attempts to log in is Sorry. Unrecognized username or
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Table 10-1. Popular services and their assigned ports
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Sites: This is a per-user web folder utilized by the OS X s web server. Users can implement their own html sites here and access them at http://servername/~username.
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In all the preceding examples, we used XSLT files directly for the purpose of transformation. If you are dealing with many style sheets, you need to keep track of each and every style sheet name during coding. You also need to deploy all the style sheets along with other project files.
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Figure 10 15. Board solder assembly setup
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index (specifically the leaf block count) will probably be nearly twice as large as it would be on a database running under a single instance. A minor drawback with multiple freelist groups (as with multiple freelists) is that there will be multiple sets of new empty blocks waiting to be used. The high water mark on objects with multiple freelist groups will be a little higher than otherwise (with a worst case of 5 * freelist groups * freelists), but for large objects this probably won t be significant.
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Reporting with a Windows Service
Tip This method illustrates just how easy it is to start a workflow. Just call the Invoke() method of the static
CHAPTER 12 Creation of Sinks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 349
Figure 10 15. Moving a send port to another application
Professional Associations
Figure 11-37. Custom error page for status code 403
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