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Using the AD-Plugin from the Command Line
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Figure 7-3. The configured server behaves as expected.
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Designing the Reception Compensation
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Now you re ready to run the application. Press F5. The results should look similar to these:
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You will be developing in Java for the BlackBerry, but before we get that far, we need to make sure Java on your desktop is running properly. RIM uses Java for their toolchain the set of programs that will convert your application source files into a format that can run on the mobile device. Additionally, our Eclipse IDE requires a Java runtime environment. To see if Java is installed, open a command prompt. You can do this by clicking Start Run, typing cmd, and pressing enter. A black-and-white command prompt window will appear. Type java -version. You should see something like the following:
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If you ve used previous versions of WF, you might recognize this feature. In WF 3.5, it was provided by the Replicator activity. The version 4.0 implementation is much more intuitive. One of the most significant improvements is that the built-in activities can access your instance data. Because variables and arguments are managed by the workflow runtime in version 4.0, the built-in activities can access them. In this project, for example, the Assign activity could reference the item.Quantity property. In previous versions, you had to create a custom activity and write code to copy the instance data to the custom activity.
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directly. But as I stated previously, this is clearly against all distributed application design principles and will lead to a number of versioning and deployment issues.
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Figure 5-18. Source Control Explorer
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Xserve RAID
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Before we can design a database, we have to decide whether the system will be an Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) system or an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) system. We could find this out prior to our first meeting with the users, or even during the first meeting, but the choice of OLTP or OLAP will probably be indicated in the initial proposal. Before we make the decision, we need to understand these two key types of systems.
playerScore; compScore;
You will need two administrative usernames to bind to Active Directory, a local administrator and a domain administrator. The local administrator is used to write the configuration files to protected directories like /Library/Preferences/DirectoryService. This administrator can be replaced with the root user when running scripts to bind to Active Directory (e.g., a Package Installer that runs a post-flight script as root to bind to Active Directory). It s worth noting that the dsconfigad command does not need to run as root as it will use the directory service APIs to determine your admin membership based around rules stored in /etc/authorization. You could create a different group for administration in addition to the default admin group that would allow local administration of many components, such as binding. However, giving out admin access for the right that Active Directory uses would give them access to quite a bit of the systems authorization dialogs and so would effectively be overkill for just trying to delegate a non-standard admin to bind.
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