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In this chapter, you saw why ADO.NET was developed and how it supersedes other data access technologies in .NET. We gave an overview of its architecture and then focused on one of its core components, the data provider. You built three simple examples to practice basic data provider use and experience the uniform way data access code is written, regardless of the data provider. Finally, we offered the opinion that conceptual clarity is the key to understanding and using both data providers and the rest of the ADO.NET API. Next, we ll study the details of ADO.NET, starting with connections.
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If you have many Drupal sites running from separate databases, you may find cases where it is useful to share tables among databases. As noted in the previous section, a good example is the zipcodes table in the Location module (discussed in 4), which is read-only and quite large. Importing the zipcodes table into every one of your databases would be wasteful and redundant. This makes it a perfect candidate for being shared by all of your sites that use the Location module. The solution involves creating a new database dedicated to the zip code information. It s similar to the solution offered in the previous section, but preferred in situations where it is possible to create multiple databases. The secret ingredient in this configuration lies in the $db_prefix variable. Instead of using the prefix as a means for identifying a prefixed table in the same database, it can be used to change databases altogether, as shown in Listing 6-5. Listing 6-5. Using Prefixes to Select Databases $db_prefix = array( 'default' => 'db_site1.', 'zipcodes' => 'db_zipcodes.' );
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Reading and Writing Strings
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Configuring the JDBC DAO
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Once we know how to deal with the simple case of column = constant, we can move on to slightly more complex cases, such as queries involving lists, queries involving lists with nulls, queries involving two columns, queries involving ranges, and queries involving bind variables. There are plenty of cases to investigate before we worry about indexes and joins. Let s start with the easiest option, in-lists. Sticking with the table that represents our audience of 1,200 people, we can write a query like the following: select from where ; count(*) audience month_no in (6,7,8)
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SQL Server has a lot of functionality inside. Have you ever noticed how many components have the letters SQL Here s a short list: SQL Server SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) SQL Server Notification Services (SSNS) SQL Azure And if it has the letters SQL, you can bet that someone will walk up to you at some point to ask you a question. And when you respond with, No, I do not know how to wrap a notification from SSNS into an SSIS package, build a report in SSRS, and then push everything to SQL Azure, you will get a blank stare and hear the words But aren t you the DBA TIP: Remember, no one person knows everything. The answer is yes. Yes, we are the DBAs, but that does not mean we know everything about each product that has the letters SQL. It s the same reaction a developer has when I say, What do you mean you need me to restore the production database from
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signature-based and anomaly-based detection of attacks. Some of these tools allow for augmenting the operating system settings to further secure the hosts on which they run. In this chapter, we provide a best practices discussion for deploying and using IDSs. We also cover the various attacks that have been developed over the past few years against IDS systems and explore add-ons for IDSs that provide rich aggregated data about the systems. 18, Backup and Fault Tolerance : If you don t have a backup plan now, then you will after you read this chapter. Backups are the last line of defense in a security environment. Backups are critical and should be provided in tiers. In this chapter, we describe some of the strategies for going about implementing a backup plan, from choosing the right software package to properly implementing it. We also cover some of the more common techniques for providing fault-tolerant services and the security risks that can be introduced by doing so. 19, Forensics : What do you do when your systems are compromised What happens after the attack In this chapter, we cover the basics of computer forensics and how a user can be their own digital sleuth. The goal is not to have you testifying in court on largescale network attacks but instead to help first responders get comfortable with safely imaging Mac systems for investigations without contaminating evidence.
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You can use the bless command to define boot options in a more granular fashion programmatically. It can define where a Mac OS X computer will boot from. The folder option defines a directory to boot from, while you can use the file option to choose a specific booter file (such as bootx). To boot from a second volume, use the folder option with the path to a volume s /System/Library/CoreServices directory:
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In classic XML technologies such as XML DOM, you essentially work with an XML document, so you access the XML data from top to bottom. This mechanism may not be ideal in each and every scenario, because while working with XML, your main focus is on elements and attributes. However, with a traditional DOM approach, you add an additional layer of complexity. LINQ for XML allows you to work with XML elements and attributes directly without bothering about the document node. This direct access allows you to work with XML fragments consisting of elements and attributes more easily.
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Figure 13 14. Providing DAVE with a description
Finally, note that you omitted the WorkstationId property in your display. The OLE DB data provider doesn t support it. This is the pattern for accessing any data source with any .NET data provider. Specify the connection string with parameters specific to the data provider. Use the appropriate objects from the data provider namespace. Use only the properties and methods provided by that data provider.
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