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In the previous examples, you used a TreeView to display data supplied by an XML data source control. ASP.NET also provides a Menu control that can be used to display hierarchical data. The Menu control closely matches the TreeView control with respect to XML data binding. However, it differs in its look and feel. The Menu control renders dynamic pull-down menus in your web forms similar to traditional Windows applications. Let s see an example of how it can be used. Create a new website in Visual Studio. Add the Navigation.xml file that you created previously to the website by using the Add Existing Item dialog box. Drag and drop an XmlDataSource control onto the default web form and set its DataFile property to Navigation.xml. Now drag and drop a Menu control onto the form and set its DataSourceID property to the ID of the XmlDataSource control you just configured. Now, locate the Menu control s DataBindings property. Similar to the TreeView, the Menu control opens the Menu DataBindings Editor, wherein you can configure the data bindings.
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Portal and Portlet Configuration
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Uploading the Upgrade
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from ( select /*+ no_merge */ dept_no, sal, emp_no, padding, (select get_dept_avg(dept_no) from dual) av_sal -- get_dept_avg(dept_no) av_sal emp
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Choosing the Components to Install
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Queries can have WHERE clauses. The WHERE clause allows you to specify criteria for selecting rows. This clause can be complex, but we ll stick to a simple example for now. The syntax is as follows, where <operator> is a comparison operator (for example, =, <>, >, or <):
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Figure 13-1. ADO.NET tab page
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Figure 2-1. The main menu and toolbar
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dim23.vc_23, dim31.vc_31, dim53.vc_53, fact1.small_vc from dim_23, dim_31, dim_53, fact1 where and /* and and /* and and ; fact1.mod_23 = dim_23.id_23 dim_23.rep_23 = 10 */ fact1.mod_31 = dim_31.id_31 dim_31.rep_31 = 10 */ fact1.mod_53 = dim_53.id_53 dim_53.rep_53 = 10
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Creating a Web Site Project
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XmlAttribute employeeid = doc.CreateAttribute("employeeid"); employeeid.Value = comboBox1.Text; XmlText firstnametext = doc.CreateTextNode(textBox1.Text); XmlText lastnametext = doc.CreateTextNode(textBox2.Text); XmlText homephonetext = doc.CreateTextNode(textBox3.Text); XmlCDataSection notestext = doc.CreateCDataSection(textBox4.Text); employee.Attributes.Append(employeeid); employee.AppendChild(firstname); employee.AppendChild(lastname); employee.AppendChild(homephone); employee.AppendChild(notes); firstname.AppendChild(firstnametext); lastname.AppendChild(lastnametext); homephone.AppendChild(homephonetext); notes.AppendChild(notestext); doc.DocumentElement.AppendChild(employee); doc.Save(Application.StartupPath + "/employees.xml"); UpdateLabel(); } The code creates five elements by using the CreateElement() method of the XmlDocument class. These five elements are <employee>, <firstname>, <lastname>, <homephone>, and <notes>. The CreateElement() method accepts the tag name of the element and returns an object of type XmlElement. Note that XmlElement inherits from the XmlNode class. An attribute is represented by the XmlAttribute class and is created using the CreateAttribute() method of the XmlDocument class. The CreateAttribute() method accepts the attribute name as a parameter, in this case employeeid. The value of the attribute can be assigned by setting the Value property of the XmlAttribute class.
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