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With those changes in your custom serialization logic in the serializable Person class, you support the scenario of sending newer versions to remoting objects supporting older versions only, without losing any additional information.
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private private private private private OleDbConnection cnn; OleDbCommand cmd; OleDbDataReader reader; int intColumnIndex = -1; string strValue;
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RemotingTimeoutException Class
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Figure 13-2. Dataset, data adapter, and data source interaction The data adapter constructor is overloaded. You can use any of the following to get a new data adapter. We re using the SQL Server data provider, but the constructors for the other data providers are analogous. Dim Dim Dim Dim da da da da As As As As SqlDataAdapter=New SqlDataAdapter=New SqlDataAdapter=New SqlDataAdapter=New SqlAdapter SqlAdapter(cmd) SqlAdapter(sql,conn) SqlAdapter(sql,connstring)
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class InifinitelyLivingSingleton: MarshalByRefObject { public override object InitializeLifetimeService() { return null; } // ... } To set a custom lifetime different from infinity, you can call base. InitializeLifetimeService() to acquire the reference to the standard ILease object and set the corresponding values afterwards. class LongerLivingSingleton: MarshalByRefObject { public override object InitializeLifetimeService() { ILease tmp = (ILease) base.InitializeLifetimeService(); if (tmp.CurrentState == LeaseState.Initial) { tmp.InitialLeaseTime = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5); tmp.RenewOnCallTime = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1); } return tmp; } }
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Figure 13 11. Configuring DAVE to use an existing Windows network
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