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Click the Finish button to complete the wizard. Once the wizard has completed, remove the Provider role from the newly created role link, as the Provider role will not be used in this example.
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Turbo-Charging Data Binding
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' Create data adapter Dim da As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter(sql, conn)
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The reverse of ASCII() is the CHAR() function, which takes a numeric value and turns it into an alphanumeric character.
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Before you start to build custom controls for Silverlight, you should understand the key concepts of the Silverlight control model. In this section, you will look at two of these concepts: The Parts and States model Dependency properties
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Figure 10-21. Operation completed dialog This lets you know that a reference to the service has been added to the project. Press F6 to rebuild the solution. The Window1.xaml file should be displayed; if not, open it. The top portion of the Toolbox should look like Figure 10-22.
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The second important piece is in handleGeocodeSuccess where the Flex application calls the mapComplete function in the JavaScript code when the map is ready for action.
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Once again, the output will scroll off the screen, and you can use the window s scroll bars to examine it. (In 17, you ll learn a trick you can use to be able to read this output without needing to fiddle around with the scroll bars, even if there s screen after screen of it.) With most commands, you can use many command options at once, as long as they don t contradict each other. For example, you could type the following:
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One thing you may notice after working with Open Directory is that there is no good way to define local administrator access to desktops via an Open Directory group. You can add users to the Open Directory Admin group, but due to the way that the DS Search Path is traversed (which is explained in 2), OS X desktops will search the local admin group for many administrative checks. Unlike the Active Directory plug-in, the LDAPv3 plug-in does not provide the ability to specify a local administrative group mapping. So, you, the administrator, are left to your own devices to accomplish this task. Luckily, we have just what you need. The following script is also available via digital download (file
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Figure 2-3. Package explorer showing files generated by mxmlc
Figure 18-7. It s easy to install Skype under Ubuntu, and it works in almost exactly the same
Sending files from the local machine to the remote machine is just as easy:
Scenario 2
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