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GSSContext context = manager.createContext( serverName, krb5Mechanism, userCreds, GSSContext.DEFAULT_LIFETIME);
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Figure 3 9. Parental Controls, limiting the content
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Web Services
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Share the ClipBoard Using .NET Remoting
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3. You ll be prompted to type your password because some additional software needs
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and, like a SQL SELECT *, gets all columns, so the variable custs is implicitly typed to handle a collection of objects that contain all the fields in the Customers class.
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Although a vCard is a useful standard for data interchange, the actual storage will hopefully not look anything like this. Each contact will most likely be broken apart and stored in a compact database. The vCard specification includes a large number of fields that are highly unlikely to actually be used on a mobile device, such as LOGO and AGENT fields. The standard also allows anyone to create additional fields by prefixing them with an X-. Some nonstandard fields that have gained widespread adoption include XANNIVERSARY and X-SKYPE-USERNAME. Some of these fields might be useful on a mobile phone, while others won t. The PIM Contact API was derived from vCard 3, and selected a subset of fields from the standard that were believed to be the most useful. However, each individual manufacturer could decide which of those fields to implement. There is usually a 1 1 correlation between the fields exposed in the Java PIM API and what is shown by a device s native contacts app. If there is no Assistant entry in the address book, the API doesn t need to bother supporting Contact.ASSISTANT. This allows for far better efficiency in storing contact information in the device s native format.
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All Day Events: A training day or a holiday could be entered as an all day event. However, all day events don t block your diary, and you can still add individual appointments (after all, just because your day is taken up with an event, that doesn t mean you won t need to make individual appointments during the event). All day events appear as a light-blue bar at the top of the day s entry in your diary. Meetings: Meetings are like appointments, but you also have the option of inviting others to attend. The invitations are sent as iCal attachments to e-mail, so users of Microsoft Outlook should be able to reply to them (provided Outlook is properly configured; see the program s documentation for details, and note that iCal is sometimes referred to by the specification number RFC 2446/2447). Once an individual receives a meeting invitation, he can click to accept or decline. When Evolution receives this response, the individual s acceptance or declination will be automatically added to the diary entry.
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A typical use of enums is to define a set of independent binary values, known as flags, that can be combined by using the bitwise OR operator (|). The Flags attribute is intended to be used on enum classes that can be treated as a series of flags, as in Listing 5-38. Listing 5-38. Using the Flags Attribute // enum_flags.cpp using namespace System; [ Flags ] enum class FontFormat { None = 0, // No flags set. BOLD = 1, // The values are set to powers of 2 ITALIC = 2, // so that in binary, each represents one bit position. UNDERLINE = 4, STRIKETHROUGH = 8, RED = 16, FLASHING = 32, BOLD_ITALIC = BOLD | ITALIC // combination of two values }; ref class Font { public: property String^ Name; Font(String^ s) { Name = s; } }; ref class Display { public: static void SetFont(Font^ font, FontFormat format) { // Testing the bits of a Flags enum using the bitwise and operator (&) // requires a cast to int. if (safe_cast<int>(format) & safe_cast<int>(FontFormat::BOLD)) { // Use a bold font. }
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Table 5-4. Crypto Resources in net_rim_crypto_3
Our report design is ready now. Please make sure your final report design looks similar to Figure 5-61.
The application views expose information for a single BizTalk Server application. An application is a logical grouping of BizTalk artifacts. By grouping artifacts, applications allow them to be managed as a single unit as opposed to individual items. Applications can be started and stopped, which starts and stops all the underlying artifacts, such as orchestrations, receive locations, and send ports. When an application is started or stopped, the individual artifacts are started or stopped in the correct order, accounting for all interdependencies. Applications also facilitate a number of deployment related tasks, such as importing and exporting. If you ve used previous versions of BizTalk Server, you will notice that Health and Activity Tracking (HAT) is no longer available as a stand-alone tool. Portions of it continue to be used from within the BizTalk Administration Console (such as the orchestration debugger), and BTSHatApp.exe is in the root of the BizTalk folder however, trying to run it results in an error. All of the HAT functionality has been moved to the Administration Console. This chapter focuses on the use of the administration tools within BizTalk Administration Console and how to ensure a well-managed BizTalk environment and a streamlined troubleshooting process.
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