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Yeah, get used to that feeling. See, these agreements are subjective, and often ignored. That s especially true if everything in your environment (development, test, and production servers) is expected to be treated as production, and then on top of that everyone thinks their system is more important than anyone else s. You may find it tempting to remind people about the SLA for their particular issue, but that will not earn you any good will. If there is a person standing in your cube, the last thing they want to hear is that you have another hour, or two, or ten before an SLA is broken. And you do not want to seem as if you are not doing anything, or deciding to do something else while there is an outage. TIP: Some people may say it is best to always look busy, and others say it is better to not be seen. I say it is best if you are not seen and people know you are busy. The best advice I can give you here is to simply focus on the things that you can control, especially at that moment. Instead of reminding the customer about the true SLA time, give them an estimate on how much longer it will take for a resolution. Then, after the issue has been resolved, you should take a moment to review the defined SLAs.
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Two other extensions have been added to the base binding class in Silverlight 4: the TargetNullValue and FallBackValue extensions. These extensions allow you to specify data that will be displayed in the case when the data being bound to the control is not as expected. TargetNullValue provides a value for the binding that should be used if the data value being bound is null. An example of using this extension is shown here: <TextBox Text="{Binding ValueName, TargetNullValue='Value is Null'}" /> FallBackValue provides a value to be used if the bound data is missing or if there was a mismatch that occurred. An example of using the FallBackValue extension is shown here: <TextBox Text="{Binding ValueName, FallbackValue='Value Not Found'}" />
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Executing Commands
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CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
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MouseEnter: This fires when the mouse enters the bounds of this control. MouseLeave: This fires when the mouse leaves the bounds of this control. MouseLeftButtonDown: This fires when the left mouse button is held down over the
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To see how the % wildcard character works, open a New Query window in SSMSE. Enter the following query and click Execute. You should see the results shown in Figure 4-8. select Title + ' ' + FirstName + ' ' + LastName as "Person Name" from Person.Contact where FirstName like 'A%' and Title is not null
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When you read an XML file from disk, often it contains white spaces in the form of indentions. Such white spaces are not at all your focus as far as XML processing is concerned. However, while saving the data back, you may want to preserve the indentions. LINQ to XML simplifies white space handling for you. By default when you save an XML document, only significant white spaces are saved. You can, of course, change this default behavior if you so desire.
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As you can see, the code uses value struct in place of value class. Throughout this text, whenever I use the term class, I mean class or structure. As in classic C++, the difference between a structure and a class is that structure members are public by default, and class members are private by default. As you know, the main function, also known as the entry point, may take additional arguments that are passed in by the operating system: the number of arguments (traditionally called argc) and an array of the arguments as character arrays (traditionally called argv). This information is also available to C++/CLI programmers, but instead of using the traditional arguments, you use a managed array type. In this case, the array parameter is an array of handles to String, each string representing one of the supplied arguments. The managed array type is one of the many fundamental types defined by the CLR that has special language support in C++/CLI. These CLR analogs of C++ types provide bounds checking, but also are objects in and of themselves, and so provide features called properties (discussed in the next chapter), such as the Length property used in Listing 1-6, and useful methods. The old int parameter of classic C++ s main function, argc, isn t necessary since the Length property can be used to get the count of command-line arguments. With this array of arguments, you can supply a person s name on the command line and print a greeting customized to that person, as demonstrated in Listing 1-6. Listing 1-6. Using Command-Line Arguments // greeting.cpp using namespace System; value struct Greeting { String^ greeting; Char punctuator; void PrintGreeting(String^ name) { Console::WriteLine(greeting + name + punctuator); } }; int main(array<String^>^ args) { Greeting greet; greet.greeting = "Hi "; greet.punctuator = '!'; if (args->Length < 1) { Console::WriteLine("Enter names on the command line, like this:" " greeting <name1> <name2> ..."); Console::WriteLine("Use quotes around names with spaces."); return 1; }
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