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Listing 12-1. Creating the IEmployeeService Interface using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Text; System.ServiceModel; System.Data;
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If you take a really good look at the processor options available for your accessory, it can seem daunting. One of the first options that stood out for me was using a
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The SoapMessage class is a representation of the metadata transferred within the SOAP message when calling a remote service/method via SOAP It holds the method name as well as the names . and types of the parameters required during serialization and deserialization of SOAP RPC messages. The corresponding counterpart for Web Services (which are usually not SOAP RPC) can be found in the System.Web.Services.Protocols namespace. More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemruntimeserializationformatterssoapmessageclasstopic.asp
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Historically, MCX application restrictions have been a bit of a moving target. 10.4 had a fairly configurable setup, allowing the option to explicitly allow applications or to specifically deny applications. Unfortunately, the system wasn t terribly resilient, and was pretty easy to bypass due to the inadequacies of bundle identifiers for application identification. With 10.5, a new take on application restrictions were put in place using, you guessed it, application signing. Restricting applications with MCX is done on an explicit allow basis. That is, once you choose to restrict applications for a user, an implicit deny will be applied to all applications that are not in the allowed applications list. Because of this, it is important to have a good understanding of the applications that will be utilized in the managed environment prior to embarking on this endeavor. If not properly planned, you will be flooded with support requests from users, claiming that they can t access their beloved applications. However, when implemented using application signing, the system proves to be extremely resilient to various hacks that might be used to subvert it. When restricting applications with MCX, you have two primary options, both accessible from the Applications pane of the Workgroup Managers Preference interface, shown in Figure 6 5.
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If the directory services configuration is successful, you have successfully bound. When using an unauthenticated static bind, you needed to set the Search Policy to custom. However, with a trusted static bind, the Search Policy is set as part of the bind operation. Although it s never a bad idea to check the search domains list and verify operation, this step will not need to be done. NOTE: If you are using a monolithic imaging solution you cannot push out the image with a trusted static binding en masse. You will need to script the trusted static bind into the postinstallation automation tasks that you will use as part of your deployment.
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Address book in list mode Open address book contact in edit mode Open address book contact in view mode
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