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Variables beginning with U_ are URLs, which are typically used inside hyperlinks in HTML. Variables beginning with T_ are theme attributes, which correspond to the available customization options in the Styles Administration panel. Variables beginning with S_ are system variables. You ll rarely encounter these. Variables beginning with L_ represent strings that are taken from the active language file.
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To connect, use the Terminal Server Client program, which is on the Applications Internet menu. Once it s running, in the Computer field, type either the IP address of the machine or its FQDN (if applicable). You don t need to type the username, password, or any other details. Click Connect, and a new window should appear, in which you should see an XP login prompt. You should then log in to Windows using your username and password.
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Notebooks and PDAs typically use built-in wireless network devices, with an invisible antenna built into the case. However, some notebooks might use PCMCIA cards, which will have an external square antenna, and some desktop computers might use PCI-based wireless cards, which have external rubber/plastic antennas, in the style of old cell phones. Ubuntu includes support for most wireless network devices. However, it s possible to use Windows wireless network device drivers for unsupported hardware. Also, sometimes Ubuntu appears to support a wireless network device, in that it identifies it and lets you configure it, but you might find that it simply doesn t work (or works very badly, perhaps with an intermittent connection). In this situation, you can also try installing Windows drivers. See the Installing Windows Wireless Network Device Drivers section later in this chapter for details.
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Advanced Settings in System Preferences
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MyRemoteObject (ID: MRO#1)
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