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mkdir /Volumes/outerrim mount_afp afp:// /Volumes/outerrim
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If you want to become a DBA, and your company won t send you for training, ask if they ll let you shadow the company s DBA for one day per week. If they don t go for it, plant the seed that the DBA won t be around forever. Wouldn t it be nice to have someone on staff who already knew the basics of how the company s databases work That idea might encourage them to start an internal mentoring program.
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Now, you should see a toast notification like the one shown in the very beginning of this chapter in Figure 17 1. As you can see, creating and receiving push notifications is a somewhat involved process, with a separate Windows Phone 7 application establishing a notification channel and receiving notifications, and a separate application sending, or pushing these notifications to that Windows Phone 7 app. Once you understand how to work with other types of notifications namely, tile and raw you will learn how to build a service that will programmatically acquire and keep track of the connected clients. From an application development point of view, the good news is that the process of creating other notification types tile notifications and raw notifications is very similar to the process of creating toast notifications that we have described previously. In the next section, you will take a look at how to create tile notifications; but instead of creating everything from scratch, you will concentrate only on the changes needed to the toast notifications already implemented.
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package org.shanky.hessian; public interface StringManipulator { public String joinString(String firstString, String secondString) ; public String reverseString (String sourceString) ; }
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Console.WriteLine("[Person]: Additional values saved!"); } } public void GetObjectData(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) { ArrayList data = new ArrayList(); Console.WriteLine("[Person]: serializing data..."); data.Add(Age); data.Add(Firstname); data.Add(Lastname); data.Add(Birthdate); data.Add(Comments); if(Reserved != null) { Console.WriteLine("[Person]: storing unknown data..."); foreach(object obj in Reserved) data.Add(obj); } info.AddValue("personData", data, typeof(ArrayList)); } } Let s start with examining the deserialization of the Person object in the special constructor. Because the new object has new information, it tries to get this information from the serialization context of course with the two new fields. Any further information is stored in the private field Reserved as with the first version of Person. The difference here is that it assumes that the first five (instead of the first three) elements belong to itself and the rest constitute some unknown additional information. The serialization of the object works similarly to the first version, too. It just adds the two new fields to the serialized ArrayList and then adds any additional unknown information to the ArrayList.
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Finally, we note that the specification requires the attribute associated with the user s birth date to be an integer representing the time in milliseconds since 1970, 00:00:00 GMT. We are concerned that the behavior for dates prior to 1970 has not been defined. Perhaps the obvious solution is to use a negative number, but that which is not defined tends to get interpreted differently by different implementations. 1970 isn t that long ago while Jeff clears it nicely with eight years to spare, Dave scrapes by with only two and Dave s brother falls firmly into the problem range. Note that since the standard requires the value part of each attribute to be a String object, the question of rolling over into the next epoch that is an issue with fixed-size time fields does not arise.
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RadioButton control, 80 RangeValidator control, 92 readOnly attribute user profile attributes in web.config, 202 Recent Files, File menu, 22 Recent Projects, File menu, 22 RedirectFromLoginPage method FormsAuthentication class, 240, 243 Refactor view, Output window, 35 References adding, Website menu, 24 Refresh option VWD and SQL Express integration, 69 RegularExpressionValidator control, 93 relationships between tables, 69 defining tables and columns for, 73 VisualPhotoAlbum tables, 72 Relationships editor VWD and SQL Express integration, 73 Reponse class Redirect method, 224 Request details tracing at page level, 286 requiresQuestionandAnswer attribute membership providers, 248 requiresUniqueEmail attribute membership providers, 248
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NOTE: In previous versions of Mac OS X Server, this functionality was covered by the NeST commands rather than slapconfig. These commands no longer function in Mac OS X Server 10.6.
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s Note Though it s called Language Integrated Query, LINQ can be used to update database data. We ll
Basic Join Cardinality
disable auto-restart when invoking the browser this way. The following code demonstrates how to do this.
<TextBox Padding="5,0,5,0" Text="{Binding FirstName}"/> <TextBox Text="{Binding LastName}"/> </StackPanel> </DataTemplate> </my:DataGridTemplateColumn.CellEditingTemplate> </my:DataGridTemplateColumn> Now that we have covered the basics of manually defining the grids in a DataGrid, let s try it out.
// These from MailSender void send(SimpleMailMessage simpleMessage) throws MailException; void send(SimpleMailMessage[] simpleMessages) throws MailException; // These from JavaMailSender which implements MailSender MimeMessage createMimeMessage();
Windows Phone Overview
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