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The principal represents a user (or service, or server) whose identity has been confirmed by the portal. It is distinct from a username, because there is no principal for an unauthenticated user. Note that in practice getRemoteUser() is likely to return null for unauthenticated users anyway, because the authentication process is often the mechanism by which the user is established. The getUserPrincipal() method therefore returns the Principal object associated with the current logged-in user, or null if the user has not been logged in. You may not immediately see the need for a separate object to represent this surely one could use a combination of the username and an isAuthenticated() method However, the principal serves an important purpose when you wish to indicate to another service that our service is entitled to act on behalf of the user in question.
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Server you can use brackets instead of the standard SQL single quotes.) Neither alias is required, but when using functions it s typical to specify an alias. Otherwise, the column heading would either have been blank, or sum(quantity), depending on your RDBMS. We added the alias for OrderID to demonstrate how you can specify explicit column names in SQL. This is better practice than relying on whatever spelling might automatically be used based on the column name in the database or the query.
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' Query database Dim custs = _ From c In customers _ Where _ = "USA" _ Select _ c
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The type information of the published class in the form <namespace>. <classname>, <assembly> . When the assembly is in the GAC, you have to specify version, culture, and public key information as well. Indicator specifying object type. Can take Singleton or SingleCall . The endpoint URI for calls to this object. When the object is hosted in IIS (shown later in this chapter), the URI has to end with .soap or .rem to be processed correctly, as those extensions are mapped to the .NET Remoting framework in the IIS metabase. Optional attribute that specifies the name that will be used inside the .NET Framework Configuration Tool.
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phpBB offers the ability to place your forums in different categories, providing possibilities for logical organization of your forums. Here are some guidelines to follow when creating your forums. Think Big, But Start Small Having too many specific forums for each little topic is not a good idea. It s generally best to create forums that have a broad reach in a particular topic at first. As the community evolves and, ideally, the number of conversations increase, you can then reevaluate your individual forums and break them down as you see fit. The less specific the forums, the better. That way, your users will be more likely to post in the right forum at first, and they won t experience the shock of having their post moved by a moderator. Avoid Category Overload Stick to broad topics. Try to avoid having categories with one or two forums in them. If your categories are that specific, chances are there is a broader category topic that you can bring more forums under. Have Announcements, Feedback, and Private Staff Forums An announcements forum is a good idea when you have new features or policies to announce. I recommend permitting users to reply to topics in this announcements forum so you can get immediate feedback on a new feature. It helps users feel that they re involved. Additionally, you should create a separate forum for feedback and general questions to the staff. While users could use private messages to ask these questions, inviting them to ask in the open permits multiple staff members to comment. Sometimes, veterans of your board can answer a user s question before a staff member gets to it. And what administrator realistically wants to come home to a stuffed private message box from a user asking why her avatar doesn t work Finally, a private staff forum is another one of those must-haves. phpBB provides all the permissions to make this happen, and it s a very smart thing to do. You and your staff need a sounding board for issues in your community one that the members don t see. It s part of good teamwork, and it s crucial as your forums grow. Now that you have some guidelines, let s create some working forums!
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Figure 8 9. The Agreement Properties window 4. Give the agreement a descriptive name, and then set the key properties identifying what this agreement represents; also supply the Protocol and the Second Party settings. Protocol can be set to X12. The Second Party settings need to be set to a second BizTalk party (if you haven t created one, go ahead and create one now just give it a name, and you are finished). Once Party and Business have been set in the Second Party settings, you will notice two additional tabs appear within the Agreement Properties window (see Figure 8 10). These tabs represent the configurations for data flow between the parties.
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import org.flexunit.listeners.UIListener; import org.flexunit.runner.FlexUnitCore; // holds an instance of the <code>FlexUnitCore</code> class private var flexUnitCore:FlexUnitCore; protected function creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void { flexUnitCore = new FlexUnitCore(); //Listener for the UI, optional flexUnitCore.addListener( new UIListener( testRunner )); //This run statements executes the unit tests for the FlexUnit4 framework FlexUnit4Suite, FlexUnit4HamcrestSuite,
Additionally, you ll want to customize file-locking mechanisms in some cases. AFP locks files at the application layer by default. With Xsan, where multiple file-server heads are involved, it s best to use locks at the file-system level. Therefore, you can use the AFP settings for the daemon to prevent AFP from locking files itself. The command is:
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Figure 3-1. The XML attached properties Canvas.Top and Canvas.Left allow you to position the Canvas.
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