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Number of connections that can be simultaneously opened to a given server (default is 2). Name of the proxy server. Port number for your proxy server. Directive specifying whether the channel will contribute to the ChannelData that is used when creating an ObjRef. Takes a value of true or false (default is false). Directive specifying whether the channel shall use IP addresses in the given URLs instead of using the hostname of the server computer. Takes a value of true or false (default is true). Directive specifying whether activation shall be allowed to hook into the listener service. Takes a value of true or false (default is true). IP address on which the server will listen. Used only on computers with more than one IP address. A string that specifies the machine name used with the current channel. This property overrides the useIpAddress property.
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Keep the web reference name to the default value of localhost and click the Add Reference button. Visual Studio will add the App_WebReferences folder to your website and will store the web reference files in it.
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Image Regression Testing
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We acquire a GSSManager object, which we will use to obtain other GSS objects to carry out the authentication:
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The View Controller
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Step 2: Converting Artwork and Interactions into Code
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Although Spring can take advantage of a filter, the reverse is not necessarily true. The deployment descriptor does support a limited flavor of dependency injection configuration parameters can be supplied to a filter but references to other beans cannot be supplied in this way. In circumstances where you want the benefits of the filter s privileged place in the request-handling life cycle, but don t want to lose the advantages of Spring configuration files, you can use Spring s delegating filter proxy class. This class is a standard Java EE filter, but it passes all the incoming requests to a named Spring bean to handle. Your bean is configured in the normal way in the Spring application context. It must implement the Filter interface, and aside from the advantages of configuration, it will behave exactly as if it were declared in the deployment descriptor itself. Listing 6-39 shows the use of a delegating filter proxy to configure the Spring Security (Acegi) request filter.
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Note the differences between the searched and simple CASEs. The searched CASE has no <case operand>, and the <when operand> is replaced by a <search condition>. These seemingly minor changes add an enormous amount of power.
.net data matrix library
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If you are interested in capturing user action on the SVG image and taking some action in response, register an SVGEventListener with the SVGAnimator by calling setSVGEventListener(). You will then be called when the user presses a key, touches the screen, or the visibility of the animation changes. To learn more about SVG, you can view the official specification online at Apress publishes a good book on the topic called SVG Programming: The Graphical Web by Kurt Cagle.
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Using the default options will back up the entire hard drive. However, you may choose to back up only the /Users folder if you re not concerned with having to rebuild the operating system if the machine crashes, or if you don t fear an attack that might threaten the integrity of the operating system (see Figure 18 9).
Advanced APIs
ADO.NET is a completely new data access technology, with a new design that was built entirely from scratch. Let s first get this cleared up: ADO.NET doesn t stand for ActiveX Data Objects .NET. Why For many reasons, but the following are the two most important ones: ADO.NET is an integral part of .NET, not an external entity. ADO.NET isn t a collection of ActiveX components. The name ADO.NET is analogous to ADO because Microsoft wanted developers to feel at home using ADO.NET and didn t want them to think they d need to learn it all over again. So Microsoft purposely named and designed ADO.NET to offer similar features implemented in a different way. During .NET design, Microsoft realized that ADO wasn t going to fit in. ADO was available as an external package based on Component Object Model (COM) objects, requiring .NET applications to explicitly include a reference to it. In contrast, .NET applications are designed to share a single model, where all libraries are integrated into a single framework, organized into logical namespaces, and declared public to any application that wants to use them. It was wisely decided that the .NET data access technology should comply with the .NET architectural model. So, ADO.NET was born. ADO.NET is designed to accommodate both connected and disconnected access. Also, ADO.NET embraces the fundamentally important XML standard (more on this in 17), much more than ADO did, since the explosion in XML use came about after ADO was developed. With ADO.NET you can not only use XML to transfer data between applications but you can also export data from your application into an XML file, store it locally on your system, and retrieve it later when you need it. Performance usually comes at a price, but in the case of ADO.NET, the price is definitely reasonable. Unlike ADO, ADO.NET doesn t transparently wrap OLE DB providers; instead, it uses managed data providers that are designed specifically for each type of data source, thus leveraging their true power and adding to overall application speed and performance.
Lesser GPL; version of the GNU Public License (GPL) in which some use restrictions are slackened at the expense of various freedoms laid down by the main GPL. The LGPL is mostly used for library files.
Now let s look more closely at the IN predicate itself. For example, you might want to get a list of all orders entered by employees with IDs of 1 and 6. Enter the following query into SSMSE and execute it. You should see the results in Figure 11-3. (Scroll down, and you ll see that only rows where EmployeeID equals 1 or 6 are selected.)
Select _ cid := c.Field(Of String)("customerid"), _ co := c.Field(Of String)("companyname")
Figure 6-4. Ubuntu allows you to set the technical characteristics of your monitor in several ways.
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