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The Resource Overview will allow for you to quickly drill into details regarding disk I/O, memory, and CPU usage. If you want to go into more detail or if you are using previous versions of Windows server, then you will want to use Performance Monitor to gather information on the current server activity. When clicking on the Performance Monitor name in the upper-left corner you will see something similar to Figure 6 2. Note that in Win2008 the only counter selected is the % Processor Time. In previous versions of Performance Monitor, more than one counter will be selected by default (Avg. Disk Queue Length and Pages/Sec). After navigating to this screen, you are going to need to add new counters in order to get the details for each potential bottleneck. If you want additional details on any of the counters I mention below, you can either refer to the Books On-Line entries or go to for more information on what values are considered to be good, bad, or indifferent.
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Add the appropriate orchestration actions to the Atomic Scope shape.
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1. APTCA is the acronym for AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute. This attribute can be applied on strong-named assemblies so that they can be called from partially trusted code, which is not allowed by default.
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Displaying Connection Information
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var a = 20; var v = a.format("c");
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Under Linux, the traditional way of scheduling tasks is via the cron daemon. This works on behalf of the user to automate individual jobs and is also used by the system to run its own maintenance tasks. The cron command is useful for scheduling heavy loads at a time when you know the system will be underused. For cron to run system tasks, it reads a file called /etc/crontab. Traditional cron starts soon after bootup and sits in the background while you work, checking every minute to see if a task is due. As soon as one comes up, it commences the task, and then returns to a waiting status.
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This is the section that the remainder of this chapter will focus on. This node displays all your defined team builds, and it allows you to create new team builds. Since you may have different products in this team project, you may have many different team builds available to build against all those products.
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You have some complex mappings using various functoids, and you want to make sure you don t have any obvious errors.
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Once installed, open the application and connect to your server. To assign a user a local home directory, go to the Home tab with the appropriate user selected. Listed in this tab will be any predefined home directory paths as well as any configured automounts. As shown in Figure 7-19, /Users is the default home directory location and will typically be a predefined option. If this is not the case, you can manually specify the path. Once a path has been defined for any user, it will be listed as a predefined option. To manually specify a new local path, first note the user s short name, found under the basic tab then click the plus button. In the Full Path field, enter in the local path for that user. For instance, if I want to utilize the standard /Users directory for user with short name bob, then I would enter the value /Users/bob. From then on, the /Users path will be listed as an option in the list. You can also mass select users and assign them the homedirectory path with a few clicks.
CHAPTER 10: iPhone
Figure 11 7. Installing the ICD daughter board
The System.Xml.Linq namespace contains classes related to the LINQ to XML features. Using these classes you can manipulate XML documents and fragments efficiently and easily. Some of the important tasks that you can accomplish include loading XML from files or streams, creating XML trees via code, querying XML trees using LINQ operators, modifying XML trees, validating XML trees against schema, and transforming XML trees. Some of the frequently used classes from the System.Xml.Linq namespace are XDocument, XElement, XNode, XAttribute, and XText.
Every computer that is bound to Active Directory has a computer account, and that computer account in turn has a password. Active Directory rotates these passwords routinely. The Active Directory plug-in supports the rotation by using the -passinterval flag with dsconfigad. The passinterval can be set and when set, defines how often, in terms of days between the password rotation intervals.
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