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is to decide which service or services you will use. Many times you have available more than one API that provides the same or similar functionality, so you need to decide which one to use or whether to combine a few together.
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Next, let s see an example of exposing an F# object type as a COM component. There are several reasons it can be useful to expose a managed class as a COM component, but perhaps the most important is interoperability with legacy systems. COM has been around for a decade and has permeated every aspect of Windows development. Systems have largely used COM infrastructures, and they can be extended using this technology. COM components are heavily used by applications based on the Active Scripting architecture, such as ASP and VBA in Microsoft Office. The ability to expose F# code to existing applications is useful because it allows you to immediately start using this new language and integrate it seamlessly into existing systems.
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use the /logger switch (the short form for this is /l). Let s see how you can use the file logger. This sample uses the DotNetFreeCell project that is available on This is a VB .NET version of the popular Windows FreeCell game. This solution, DotNetFreeCell, is composed of two projects. Those projects are DotNetFreeCell and its dependent CardLib project. To build this project, let MSBuild consume the solution file with >msbuild DotNetFreeCell\ DotNetFreeCell.sln /t:Build; alternatively, you can omit the target specification, and Build will still execute. For this to work correctly, you need to execute this command from the folder that contains the DotNetFreeCell directory. Upon executing this build, you will see that a lot of information is being passed to the console. How can you redirect this to a file as well As previously mentioned, to add loggers, you use the /logger parameter. The syntax for the /logger switch is as follows: [<Logger class>,]<logger assembly>[;<logger parameters>] where Logger class is FileLogger and is contained in the Microsoft.Build.Engine assembly. We will discuss the parameters in a bit. The full syntax in this case is as follows: >msbuild DotNetFreeCell\DotNetFreeCell.sln /l:FileLogger,Microsoft.Build.Engine;verbosity=detailed;append=true; logfile=FreeCell-Build.log From these arguments you can see that you are using the Microsoft.Build.Engine. FileLogger class. The logger parameters part is an optional list of key/value pairs to be sent to the logger. This is a generic construct and is determined by the logging class being used. In this case, the example is using the FileLogger, so what are the possible parameters for it Table 4-1 lists the available parameters. Table 4-1. FileLogger Parameters
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Table 10-2. Static Methods for Creating a Field Object (continued)
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Note This is the only data-gathering exercise performed for our example database. The information gathered here should be crosschecked later in the design phase with the users, although this is beyond the scope of this book.
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As a forum administrator, you have the ability to edit every facet of every user profile, including the username and password. Additionally, you have the ability to activate and deactivate accounts at will, disable a user s ability to display an avatar and send private messages, and much more. You can set a rank for the user as well, and delete accounts from there.
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Request and Response Objects
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is important to remember, because often in magazines and some computer manuals, the use of the hash symbol before a command indicates that it should be run as root. In addition, if you use the rescue function of the install CD, you ll be running as root, and a hash will appear at the prompt. See 14 for more information about the root user.
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Reporting with Web Services and Mobile Devices
Your final task is to test your solution. Here are the steps to follow: 1. Modify and recompile the CustomerToBizTalk stored procedure. Remove the XMLDATA clause in the FOR XML AUTO statement and recompile it. The resulting stored procedure should resemble Listing 6 8.
Figure 2-6. Adding a new control to your tab
Using a Server Control to Provide Feedback
Figure 2-13. Adding a reference to the AJAX assemblies
ActivatedClientTypeEntry Class
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