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4. Edit your project file, and then save the changes. 5. Close the project file. 6. Reload the project.
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-s: disable clear text passwords during authentication -g: force packet signing using Kerberos -m: block man-in-the-middle attacks using Kerberos. -e: if a server is capable of a security mechanism, then enforce it at the
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Invoking the Native Calendar
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if (current <= 0 || current >= cards->Count ) throw gcnew InvalidOperationException(); return cards[current]; } } // Implement the IEnumerator::MoveNext method. virtual bool MoveNext() { current++; if (current <= 0 || current > cards->Count) throw gcnew InvalidOperationException(); else return current < cards->Count; } // Implement the IEnumerator::Reset method. virtual void Reset() { current = 0; } }; }; void PrintAll(Cards^ deck) { for each (Card c in deck) { Console::Write("{0} ", c, c.Rank, c.Suit); // has no effect on iteration since collection is snapshot // but deck will remain shuffled when next used deck->Shuffle(); } Console::WriteLine(); } int main() { Cards^ deck = gcnew Cards(); PrintAll(deck); PrintAll(deck); }
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Metasploit is a free, open source framework that can be used to launch automated exploits to target known vulnerabilities. The Metasploit framework makes it easy for administrators to use these exploits to discover how vulnerable their network is. You can download the latest version of Metasploit at Download the Unix Tar format, uncompress it, and copy the msf3 folder to the location where you d like it to reside. For this example, we ll copy it to the /Applications folder and rename the folder to Metasploit. Open Terminal and cd into the /Applications/Metasploit folder. From within the Metasploit folder, run the command ./msfconsole, which puts you at the msf > prompt, as shown in Figure 17 7.
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var MyBoat = new Vehicles.Boat('Pedal','5','Stella'); var MySpeedBoat = new Vehicles.SpeedBoat('Intimidator', '10', 'Arnie', '100cc');
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An RSS feed is an XML document and from that point of view should contain an XML declaration. The methods WriteStartDocument() and WriteEndDocument() emit an XML declaration with a version of 1.0. These methods are shown in Listing A-13. Listing A-13. Writing an XML Declaration public override void WriteStartDocument() { writer.WriteStartDocument(); } public override void WriteStartDocument(bool standalone) { writer.WriteStartDocument(standalone); } public override void WriteEndDocument() { writer.WriteEndDocument(); } The WriteStartDocument() method has two overloads. The one with a Boolean parameter emits a stand-alone attribute. Both the methods call respective overloads of the WriteStartDocument() method on the XmlWriter instance. The WriteEndDocument() method simply calls the WriteEndDocument() method of the XmlWriter instance. That s it: the RssWriter class is now ready. Compile the class library to get its output assembly.
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3. Make this the startup project, and run it with Ctrl+F5. You should see the result in Figure 8-5.
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