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CHAPTER 1: How Did I Get Here
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efore you can do anything useful with a database, you need to establish a session with the database server. You do this with an object called a connection, which is an instance of a class that implements the System.Data.IDbConnection interface for a specific data provider. In this chapter, you ll use various data providers to establish connections and look at problems that may arise and how to solve them. In this chapter, we ll cover the following: Introducing data provider connection classes Connecting to SQL Server Express with SqlConnection Improving your use of connection objects Connecting to SQL Server Express with OleDbConnection
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Flex Calling JavaScript
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The next dialog box, shown in Figure 8 4, will ask you to install the ClamAV engine. Once the installer is finished, ClamXav is ready to run.
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StringTokenizer tokenizer = new StringTokenizer(buffer.toString()); while(tokenizer.hasMoreElements()) { String element = tokenizer.nextToken(); if( element.equalsIgnoreCase(DISALLOW) && tokenizer.hasMoreElements() ) { String path = tokenizer.nextToken(); disallows.add(path); } }
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Required Portlet Modes
The method to handle IO network errors will dispatch the PlayerEvent custom event to notify of the error.
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