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When Oracle Ignores Histograms
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Figure 4-13. Steps to add a data table to the dataset 3. Click the header of the newly created data table, and name it dtProductReorder. Let s start adding columns to dtProductReorder by right-clicking the data table and selecting Add Column (see Figure 4-14).
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Figure 17-21. Creating a link
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Note: Most documentation uses the term service book to describe these types of accounts. However, the RIM API uses the term service record to describe each individual account, and service book to describe the sum collection of all device accounts. I will use the term service book in this section due to its more common usage. Any given device will contain many service books, but few of interest when sending email. Once you have retrieved the appropriate service book, you can create an email session for that account. The session is used to associate your email activity with the proper account and ensures that Sent From and other information appears correctly in outgoing messages. You can easily retrieve a session for the default email account as follows.
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As you will see in the second part of this book starting with the next chapter, the .NET Remoting framework provides an extensive set of extensibility hooks. This allows you to use a so-called custom sink to intercept the response message before it reaches the binary formatter. This sink whose source code you will find in 11 is called HttpErrorInterceptor and will react according to the Content-Type header. To use it, you only have to modify your client-side configuration file to include an additional <provider> element. <configuration> <system.runtime.remoting> <application> <channels>
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signatures of the two methods are very similar. First, here is the processAction() method signature:
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You declare a string array called names: Dim names As String() = {"James Huddleston", "Pearly", _ "Rupali Agarwal", "Fabio Claudio", "Vamika Agarwal", _ "Sofia Merchant", "Vidya Vrat Agarwal"} In order to retrieve names from the string array, you query the string array using IEnumerable(Of String) and also loop through the names array with the help of For Each using the LINQ to Objects query syntax: Dim namesOfPeople As IEnumerable(Of String) = _ From name In names _ Where (name.Length <= 16) _ Select name For Each name In namesOfPeople Console.WriteLine(name) Next
: 'T[] -> int -> int -> 'T[] : 'T[] -> 'T[] : ('T -> unit) -> 'T[] -> unit : ('T -> bool) -> 'T[] -> 'T[] : 'T[] -> int : ('T -> 'U) -> 'T[] -> 'U[]
<Directory /Library/WebServer/Documents> Order Allow,Deny Allow from All Options FollowSymLinks +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch </Directory>
Table 19-1. Popular Movie File Formats
Cropping and Healing
As I explained to you in the Introduction, we have to gather data and store it temporarily for the RS reporting engine to use it. This temporary placeholder for our gathered data is called a dataset. For each report you develop, it is your responsibility as a developer to create a dataset.
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way to show you those comments marked as spam. The thinking behind this is that at some point, someone will create a spam analysis plug-in that could use the comments marked as spam to better detect future spam comments, much as several e-mail filters do now. So far, no one has created that plug-in. However, a good number of WordPress plug-ins are designed to help you combat comment spam with varying levels of effectiveness. Also, an article on the WordPress Codex discusses a number of methods for combating comment spam (see for details).
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