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the original date and time the post was published. This is so that when you re making a minor correction to the post, for example, it retains the original timestamp. If you use the date (or even time) in the permanent link URI of the post, retaining the original timestamp is more important than it might seem at first. If you were to change the date, you would also change the URI. This would make the permanent link somewhat less than permanent.
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public Enumeration getSupportedWindowStates()
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Figure 11 25. Add Subscriber dialog box 8. In the Add Subscriber dialog box, select the transport option for the alert. In BAM alerting, you can set up subscribers for either an email address or a file location. Click the Save button to complete the subscriber setup.
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Let's start with the definition of the wordCount function in Listing 2-1. The first line of the definition isn t code but a comment: /// Analyze a string for duplicate words Comments are either lines starting with // or blocks enclosed by (* and *). Comment lines beginning with three slashes (///) are XMLDoc comments and can, if necessary, include extra XML tags and markup. The comments from a program can be collected into a single .xml file and processed with additional tools or can be converted immediately to HTML by the F# command-line compiler (fsc.exe). 7 covers using the F# command-line compiler in more detail.
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SoapClientFormatterSinkProvider Class
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generally used only when cross-compiling code with OCaml.
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For example, Drupal will handle the URL q=admin/access/value1/ value2 as follows: 1. Extract the q value (admin/access/value1/value2). 2. Split the value into separate values on the /. This results in an array {admin, access, value1, value2}. 3. Find the entry in the menu map that exactly matches the most values from left to right. In this case, it will match admin/access. 4. Call the function associated with admin/access and make value1 and value2 available to the function.
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int handle = CodeModuleManager.getModuleHandle("net_rim_bb_browser_daemon"); if (handle > 0) { ApplicationDescriptor[] descriptors = CodeModuleManager.getApplicationDescriptors(handle); String[] args = {"url", "file:///SDCard/BlackBerry/temp/awards.3gp", null}; // Turn off auto-restart. int flags = descriptors[0].getFlags(); flags = flags ^ ApplicationDescriptor.FLAG_AUTO_RESTART; ApplicationDescriptor newDescriptor = new ApplicationDescriptor ( descriptors[0], "BrowserPS", args, null, -1, null, -1, flags); ApplicationManager.getApplicationManager().runApplication(newDescriptor); }
[Test(async,timeout="500")] public function testeFailedServicRequest():void { service.url = "file-that-dont-exists"; service.addEventListener( FaultEvent.FAULT, Async.asyncHandler ( this, onFault, 500 ), false, 0, true ); service.send(); }
Setting up Address Book Server
BizTalk s BAM tool enables alerts to be set up based on business data and associated query conditions. In this sample, you will be setting a BAM alert on a condition where the sales price of a good is less than $1.
Setting Up the Page
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